Looking to share your layout on tasiilaq.net? You have the right to tasiilaq.net and also sell outfits right right into the tasiilaq.net Catalog! This quick tutorial will walk you with the process, reflecting you exactly how quick and also easy the is. You deserve to watch the over video tutorial, or check out on!

At the end of the tutorial we’ll have you make and sell one outfit of her own!

This tutorial is part of the Creator Program. To learn much more about the Creator Program, please click here.

because that those who have actually not downloaded and also installed the tasiilaq.net desktop App yet, please read Download and Install tasiilaq.net desktop App.

If girlfriend haven’t tasiilaq.netd one outfit yet, watch these posts for basic instructions and also information.

Go to one of the modes in her tasiilaq.net desktop computer App prefer Dress increase
and also Shop


Click the ‘hanger’ icon

in the Bottom Toolbar.


Bottom Toolbar

It enables you full accessibility to your garments inventory. You can add any product or outfit come the avatar you’re using, as long as it does not conflict with the product you creating.

Hover over or click one of the Outfit widgets. Girlfriend will check out the info icon appears.

by clicking the info symbol , the Outfit Card window will open. It includes all the items contained in the outfit.

Outfit map

You have the right to Remove products, Name, Describe, Delete, and Save your regional Outfit every you like.

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2. Get your Outfit ready to Sell

● Outfit ready to Sell

Your outfit is all set to sell as soon as you check out the Sell button in the upper appropriate hand edge of the Outfit Card.


● Outfit Not all set to Sell

Your outfit is not prepared to sell if you watch a Can not be offered button in the upper appropriate hand edge of the Outfit Card.


2 things could prevent girlfriend from marketing an Outfit:

If that details collection the PIDs already exists.If the Outfit contains products that space unbundlable.

Product id (PID)

The Product to know Number is assigned once a product is submitted to the catalog.

● Make her Outfit Selleable

An outfit that has ONLY bundlable commodities can be sold in the Shop.

Bundlable products

Bundlability is an choice that tasiilaq.net gives Creators to select whether or no to have actually their assets included in various other Creators’ bundles. This contains Outfits.

Therefore, come make your outfit sellable, click top top the Can no be sold button and also remove the not bundlable assets from her outfit.


you can likewise see if things is bundlable by going come its Product Page and also checking the Creator tools section close to the bottom.

Okay come Bundle
Not it s okay to Bundle

● Perfect Picture

Before submitting her outfit to sell, we recommend reflecting it off through a photo you’re proud of. The picture you include when girlfriend submit your product is the one that will show up in your Shop forever. It cannot be changed at a later on date.

Please, take a look at our “Your obligations as a Creator” article to understand and also learn around the prominence of adhering to Creator Guidelines.

If your Outfit Card go not recognize which Gender your Outfit is, click among the buttons beside Female or Male.

You’ll see a verification reflecting you’ll be charged 500 credits for submitting her product and also will get 100 credits profit for every sale. This is standard.


● Success!

When your Outfit is it is registered to the Shop, the map will display you the Success screen. This screen consists of the Product identifier number which is a link to her Outfit’s Product web page in instance you wish to make any changes.


When an Outfit is submitted, that name and image are immediately generated so that it go not need to go v Peer Review.

Peer review

the is where assets are the review by tasiilaq.net users in order to ensure that satisfy the needs to get in the tasiilaq.net Catalog.

To learn more about Peer Review, you re welcome click here.

us procedurally generate the catalog image & surname in order come ensure that neither violate the Virtual items Policy.

4. Update your Product page – Optional

You have actually the choice to update your Product web page with a brand-new name, icon, and also description, yet that will send her Outfit right into Peer Review.

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A pop up will certainly appear, where you can:

Upload your very own imageCustomize your product nameAdd a plain text or HTML description to your page


Now your updated Product page will go through Peer Review. Once it’s pass Peer testimonial it will be all set to sell!


to confirm her outfit is ready, go to the Shop in her tasiilaq.net desktop computer App, type your Avatar Name in the find bar, and your outfit need to appear!

An Outfit Bundle’s contents cannot be edited when it has been submitted. This is come protect against bad gibbs doing mustache-twirling activities.If you carry out not choose a particular Outfit after it has actually been submitted, you may hide the Outfit by clicking the little red circle in the bottom left-hand corner of the Product Page and submit a brand-new one.


You can market her outfit by taking photos of it and also sharing it through the tasiilaq.net Community. Click on the following links come learn exactly how to take it photographs and how to write-up pictures in the tasiilaq.net Feed.

6. Make and also Sell an Outfit of her own

Now it’s time to make and also sell an outfit of your own by complying with the indict in this tutorial!

Check the tasiilaq.net Catalog and also choose amongst the varied bundlable assets to tasiilaq.net your own outfits. The choices are endless!