Let me present y"all this trick with this cornstarch and water exactly how to make her corn starch crunchy ER in the bag girlfriend did that hair prior to I"m going to come earlier over right here with the water make much better microwave watch this bag that corn starch I"m solving to sit that in this warm water. Okay, you see that minute down in the water make certain you hold it up below at the height I"ll hold it too lengthy coming back over I"ve let that cook.

I"m going to take it the end then I"m gonna placed it ago in the micro seconds after 30 secs of a Mongolian check to check out oh correct sighs hot and crunchy baby i can obtain down below that hook for the colony get it out of here right here and also put the exact same bake all lit plate view it"s dry they"re very dry. This is the exact same bag I had anyone next I"m going to open up it up i pull it myself five yeah I understand what the corn starch is jealous shot everyone once you hook it increase the microwave and also put it in a box but see I like my bird choose this that"s why the looks prefer that due to the fact that I favor it like that. All right, I"m walking to just pull it the end to allow y"all view in the magic and also making me call you start using the let the real dark brown piece y"all watch I to be going to throw the away and after the you placed the cornstarch out we"ll permit this a dried and set in a container friend going come sit that out and let that air dry and it"s going to it is in crunchy an extremely very crunchy. This is another way to make your cornstarch chunks crunchy if you eat them that"s the magic once you"re using we understand what you"re doing v cornstarch we using it and also you"ve to be doing things for years through cornstarch you and also do precisely what you perform so. This is the other component of the corn starch chunks to do them crunchy that I"m walk to present y"all by using it through water. Okay, make sure you don"t put it in the water also long however you can leave it in there favor ten by ten secs flipping it over on every side don"t also turn it also long. Okay, every until following time team cornstarch 5 you.

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permit me display y"all this trick through this cornstarch and water how to make your corn starch crunchy ER in the bag you did that hair before I"m going to come ago over right here with the water make better microwave check out this bag that corn starch I"m addressing to sit it…

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