Stingray and also relatives do make good eating. following time friend crank up a stingray rather of your intended catch, don’t cuss it, eat it. Yes, friend can cook stingray and also skates. Together unappetizing as they look, and as weird as their anatomy seems, stingrays (skates too) aren’t lot harder come clean than your normal table varieties. And, yes, they make delicious dinners. Do they taste favor scallops? girlfriend bet. Carry out some Florida restaurants offer them as scallops? ns doubt it. The procurement the stingray “scallops” in restaurant quantity would cost an ext than to buy the genuine thing. Yet it’s a great topic for conflict at the dockside bar. In mine estimation, the perfect dimension stingray because that the table is one with a wingspan of roughly 18 inches to 2 feet. Smaller sized ones don’t yield sufficient meat to do the effort worthwhile and those with a expectations much higher than 2 feet often tend to be stringy and also tough, back the fillets have the right to still be quite an excellent if parboiled or baked.Read the rest at here and also as because that the myth right here is one more piece of information. initially Posted by AndrewL any type of scallop girlfriend buy in ~ the save will it is in a actual scallop, unless specifically significant as imitation scallop. Any reputable restaurant will certainly serve scallop, not skate. Offer skate flesh together scallop is something the may have actually been done by shady kinds in the past, yet it"s going to be rare these litigous days.It"s pretty straightforward to phone call by looking in ~ the serial of the meat if it"s real scallop or not. Genuine scallop muscle is created of many brief strands to run paralell to the axis the the cylinder the meat, with no apparant side-to-side serial or flaking. Fish flesh will have a side-to-side grain and may be remarkable flaky. This agrees with what ns remember reading in wilhelm Poundstone"s publication Bigger Secrets. Together I recall, the interviewed some type of federal fish inspector who said that in countless years the work, he had never discovered skate mislabeled together scallops. And also they"re yes, really not tough to call apart. Conclusion we released a feast yesterday , won"t take place again

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Those bad things! I used to have actually one in my fountain and it swam to me in ~ the sheet of the pool to be fed worms...It was a fresh water Stingray.. It to be so cute and you know what I named him??? Stingray...... LMAO! It was so fitting to do though. He was similar to a dolphin in ~ feeding time. He would certainly swim up and also hop ~ above the sheet of mine fountain, take it his night crawler and drop backwards right into the water. Ns did eventually let him go in Kankakee Lake if you would certainly love come fish the out. He to be pretty huge 10 years ago when i let the go.

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The gators probably obtained him though. Do they taste like chicken?? LOL