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I have a tC 08 "supercharged" and I love this car. I think it has just enough sportyness and is fun to drive. I was wondering what are some small things I could do to up the speed or the ride.
2008 Scion tC "Supercharged"Performance -TRD Supercharger -TRD air intake -TRD sport muffler/catback exhaust -TRD Front strut bar -TRD lowering springs -TRD sway bar -TRD struts Sound -Pioneer Premium Audio System Interior -Illuminated still door enhancements -Interior Light kit with cup-holder Illumination -Sport Pedals -RA98GYB shift knob by RAZO -Carbon Fiber Dash Exterior -Ground effects kit -Rear Pedestal Spoiler -Rear tail light Enhancements -Fog Lights -Alloy wheel locks Misc. -Scion Security

lighter flywheel?i"m no expert but thats what i learned from reading other posts on here.hopefully someone can back me up. lol

upper and lower chrome diamond cut chrome grills ~ red and blue interior neonspedestal spoiler ~ blue led parking lights + license plate lightsMSW 11"s with Dunlop All Season tires.ground effects kit ~ tints- 35% front, 20% back.stealth blinker bulbs ~ door sill enhancementscarbon fiber dash inserts ~ blue led dome lights"super blue white" headlight bulbs ~ blue led accents in side grillsCOMING AFTER GRADUATION:-all new rims and tires (haven"t decided yet)-full TRD suspension upgrade
yeah a lightweight flywheel will help get hp to the wheelsget 2.5 or 3 catbacka nice 4-2-1 header (MMW)(includes s pipe)s/c pulleylightweight or underdrive crank pulleybut im not getting how you have the TRD s/c and the TRD cold air. unless you fabricated something together. but i would convert that to a short ram.
2008 SCM tC35%/20% Tints - Hotchkiss Lowering Springs -Flat Black Stockies - Toyo Proxes - HKS Carbon Ti Muffler - Vibrant Ultra Quiet/Aero25 Resonators - 2.5" Custom Piping - 6000k HID - Nokya Yellow High Beam - Tinted Tail Lights, TBL, Eyelids - Tinted SCION Emblem - Debadged "tC" - Ebay VRD Grille - Flat Black/White Interior -tail light tint DIY FlickR
replace the bearings in the s/c if you decide to go for a pulley upgrade,get a rear sway barwidertires/wheels.

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finish off your exhaust and do headersbtw do headers sound as terrible on a s/c compared to how bad they sound on n/a? probly been answered before but thought id ask real quick
With the supercharger on there.larger exhaust, lightweight flywheel, lightweight rimsAnd finally... MOTOR MOUNTS.Motor mounts are the missing link in a lot of peoples higher power fwd setups.Get motor mounts and prepare to feel like you were missing out on power for too long.
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