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Oblivion allows you to make some absolutely fantastic practice spells, many of which are much better than any kind of various other piece of crappy magic that the game comes through.

I would go as much as saying that Oblivion has actually the ideal spell-making mechanics in the TES series.

However, making the ideal spells is not constantly as simple as it appears. I have actually made my fair share of mistakes while trying to create the perfect spell, but I did manage to come across a massive list of useful combinations that have actually served me fairly well in recent years.

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It was a pretty huge list, though, and also I understand that many kind of of you simply desire the finest spells in the game. So I’ve rearranged my very own list right here featuring just top-notch spells that you have the right to make in Oblivion for your magical comfort.

15. The De-Targeting Spell



Drain Speed 100 pts in 20 ft for 2 secs on Target

Also known among Oblivion players as a “hide in simple sight” spell, this spell basically pressures whoever’s in range of its impact zone to de-tarobtain the player.


Since it exploits among the game’s major mechanics: foes cannot target you if they can’t relocate.

It basically drains their entire rate to pressure them into ignoring you – even if you’re ideal in front of them!

14. Damaging Paralysis



Paralyze for x secs on TargetShock Damage x pts for x secs on TargetAbsorb Health x pts for x secs on TargetFire Damage x pts for x secs on Target

Those times where your opponents are running at complete rate towards you can be quite scary.

But here’s a spell that will ease the push and make things a lot easier for you.

This one pressures paralysis on any tarobtain that it hits whilst likewise dealing a ton of additional damage for as many type of seconds as feasible (relying on your abilities as a spell-crafter).

13. Weapon Breaker



Paralyze for 1 sec on TargetDiscombine Weapon x pts on Target

I absolutely love this combo of effects.

What it does is freeze any foe that it hits whilst also resulting in their tools to get significant quantities of damage.

A one-second paralysis is a cheap reliable magicka-wise, and the Disincorporate Weapon result is super beneficial as soon as fighting against heavily armed foes.

All in all, a superb combicountry of spells that functions well if fighting various foes at when.

12. The Anti-Undead Spell



Fire Damage x pts for x secs on TouchTurn Undead as much as level x for x secs on Touch

Touch a zombie and also watch them flee whilst bursting in flames.

I expect, I don’t really think there’s much explaining to do regarding why I consider this among the finest spell combos in Oblivion.

11. Predator Spell



Invisibility for x secs on SelfFortify Magicka 100 pts for x secs on SelfFire/Frost/Shock/Health Damage x pts for x sec on Target

This is the spell you’ll want to use if you’re trying to end up being anything close to the Predator in vanilla Oblivion.

I expect, sure, you could downpack a mod that provides you comparable abilities on a permanent basis, however where’s the challenge in that?

The Predator spell is one to be set off whenever your plan of strike is to eliminate your foes without them noticing what hit them.

You need to be fairly the expert wizard to pull this one-off. But if you take place to have actually the crucial skillcollection, it would certainly be a no-brainer.

10. Walk on Lava



Water Walking for x secs on SelfWater Walking for x secs on SelfFortify Acrobatics x pts for x secs on SelfFortify Speed x pts for x secs on SelfRestore Health x pts for x secs on Self

Not many combicountries of spells are as appealing as this one, which combines four various effects for you to be able to walk in lava-favor an absolute boss.

Why skip about for that bridge a few meters away once you can actually usage a spell to traverse the hottest fluid in Oblivion?

The planes of hell will no longer be a challenge when your wizardry allows you to summon these powers upon yourself!

9. Ninja Movement Spell



Feather y pts for x secs on SelfFortify Acrobatics y pts for x secs on Self

Are you in need of running amethod from trouble?

Are foes overwhelming you or pushing you against a corner?

Do you occur to be late for a job-related meeting? Worry not, my friend.

The Ninja Movement spell will certainly basically let you end up being a pressure to reckon through by giving you sufficient rate to outrun anything that Oblivion or Cyrodiil throws versus you.

8. Drain Paralysis



Absorb Health x pts for x secs on TouchParalyze for x secs on Target

This great combination of spells is good sufficient to soptimal any kind of enemy in their tracks.

What’s even more, it’ll provide you some of their health to boot.

This is actually a very famous and also basic combination that does require a bit as well much magicka to occupational, but the easiness with which you deserve to actors this spell makes it exceptionally worth it to have actually about instead of owning a whole lot of potions and delivering them in your inventory.

7. Max Armor Spell



Shield 70 pts for x secs on SelfFire Shield 5 pts for x secs on SelfFrost Shield 5 pts for x secs on SelfShock Shield 5 pts for x secs on Self

Are you wandering approximately via no armor? Love that lightweight feeling?

Then gain prepared to have every one of your magicka drained and actors this spell.

It will certainly basically max out your armor for as many type of seconds as you deserve to afford, making you impervious to many type of assaults and also enabling you to withstand countless others.

When it involves defensive spells, many type of players case that this is the ultimate one that you have the right to develop. It’s approximately you to decide whether it’s the one for you or not.

6. Ultimate Regen Spell



Fortify Willpower 100 pts for 15 secs on SelfResave Health x pts for 15 secs on SelfInvisibility for 15 secs on Self

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been taking some heavy damage in the last few seconds.

Ssuggest actors this exceptional item of magic and also watch your wellness go ago to its previous glory without worrying around your foes – invisibility is the way of the future!

5. Dungeon Explorer



Light in 30 ft for x secs on SelfDetect Life in 50 ft for x secs on Self

Why would certainly you go around delivering a torch that occupies a really necessary area in your hands? When you can rather revolve your whole damn body right into a large torch!

This combination of spells will allow you to shine bappropriate favor a diamond as you walk roughly those dark dungeons that are most likely filled with rewards.

The dark will no much longer be an problem.

You only must activate it as soon as eextremely 30 seconds, which is more than enough time to get your magicka ago.

4. Stopper Spell



Burden 100 pts for x secs on TargetDrain Strength 100 pts for x secs on Target

Have you ever wanted to speak an enemy best in their tracks without having actually to spfinish magicka damaging them?

This is the spell that you’ll desire to use.

It’s the ultimate weapon for those that have to acquire away in a hurry, or for those who’d choose to focus on a single foe at a time.

Sindicate actors the spell on your adversary and watch them freeze in area.

3. Ultimate FFA



Frenzy x ft for 60 secs on TargetRally x pts for 60 secs on Target

This is a fantastic spell to usage if you’re invisible when caused, although it’s not completely important for that to be true in order to make this job-related.

It renders all foes go crazy and also assault every little thing in sight!

If you’re not invisible, I imply you uncover a place to hide after casting it.

2. Off to Bed



Damage Fatigue 100 pts for y secs on Touch

Running out of stamina provides your adversaries drop like flies for a couple of secs, which basically turns them into asleep ragdolls.

Cast this spell upon them and watch those fools loss to the ground.

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1. Movement Enhancer



Fortify Athletics 100 pts for 1 sec on SelfFortify Speed 100 pts for 1 sec on Self

By far the finest combicountry of movement results in the game.