There"s nothing an ext frustrating than setup your love on one appliance just to find it doesn"t fit in her home. That"s why it"s always important to measure your an are before heading out to our store looking for the perfect appliance.

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Everyone has various sized homes and also spaces and also in some instances may not require the biggest refrigerator in the world. Human being with smaller residences will most likely prefer a compact or stack washer and also dryer if someone v a huge family will be in need of makers with larger capacity. These space all vital thoughts to take into consideration when to buy appliances, yet your very very first step should be measure the space where her appliances will go.

So grab her measuring tape and also we"ll show you all you need to understand to measure for your shiny brand-new appliance accurately and prevent shopping and also delivery headaches along the way.

Take our advice and constantly measure twice

If you measure even half an customs off on your appliances, don"t mean to obtain the perfect fit. It"s an essential to it is in as specific with your measurements as possible, so that you can choose your appliances appropriately and also avoid unpleasant surprises ~ above the work of delivery.

We highly recommend measuring the area you"ll place your appliances at least twice. It might seem prefer a nuisance, but trust us, this isn"t our very first rodeo.

Each type of appliance has actually its own particular measurements, so relying on what you"re in the sector for, inspect out what the proper method of measure up your brand-new appliance is to set you up because that the many success.

• Refrigerator


Get the elevation by measuring her refrigerator from the floor/feet to the top of that is hinge. For the width, you"ll measure from the left edge come the best side, and also for the depth, you"ll measure from the front of the unit to the ago (including the door handle, if present). Lastly, open your refrigerator to a 90-degree angle and check to watch what the depth is when it"s open.

When measure a compact refrigerator and wine storage, use these indict to aid you as well.

• Range


Get the height of your range by measuring native the floor/feet come the top of the cooking surface. And also when us say cook surface, we don"t average the height of the manage panel. Only measure approximately where the stove peak location. To obtain the width just measure from the left sheet of the range to the right. When reaching the dimensions because that the depth, it"s important to avoid any kind of handles or knobs and also measure the widest part of the unit to the back. Remember, your variety should be flush with your counter and also cabinets, not included the knobs and handles.

• variety Hoods


Range hoods space unusual appliances, comes in all sorts that shapes, which can make measuring intimidating. But, us guarantee you, measure up your selection hood is pretty simple. To get the height, measure up from the bottom that the appliance to whereby the chimney flute beginning – no to the peak of it. To obtain the width and also depth, measure up from the left edge to the right and also the front come the earlier at the widest parts. Depending on the form of your range hood, there might be an ext curves involved. Don"t it is in distracted through those and also continue measure up the widest parts only.

• Cooktops


To get the elevation of your cooktop, you"ll must remove your present one, and also measure it from the bottom come the peak of the cooking surface. For width and depth, measure up from left edge to right edge and front to ago edge, all making certain to measure up to the widest parts.

• Dishwashers


Measuring your dishwasher is a lot favor measuring your refrigerator. To gain the elevation you want to measure up from the floor/feet to the an extremely top the the unit. Again, choose a fridge, you"ll desire to gain the width dimensions by measuring indigenous the left edge come the appropriate edge. However like a range, you"ll measure the depth of her dishwasher likewise from the front part of your unit (excluding knobs and also handles) to the earlier (including heating components if necessary).

• Chest Freezers


We"ve reached one of the simplest appliances to measure up – chest freezers! To get the height, you"ll measure from the floor/feet come the peak of the unit. Width and depth space both relatively self-explanatory, measuring native the left edge to the right and from the front come the back of the units. It"s practically too easy.

• Over-the-Range Microwaves and Countertop Microwaves


You"ll measure both microwave formats the same. Elevation is bottom to top, broad is left to right, and also depth is ago to front. The only thing come watch out for is making certain to not measure in the manage or any knobs.

Pretty simple, right?

When the appliance comes the next day, be certain you"ve confirm all the small doorways.

Bet you thought you were done v measuring, huh? Nope. The measuring proceeds right prior to the delivery, and also it"s approximately you to find the finest pathway from the delivery truck to the place your appliance will be placed without it obtaining stuck along the way.


Find the narrowest doorway or hallway along the delivery path and also measure it to make certain your appliance will have the ability to enter your home without any type of hiccups. In the opportunity that you uncover a doorway as well small, try finding another method the distribution can it is in directed with your house. Sometimes there is a earlier door that might be a adequate back-up plan. If all else fails, speak to united state at Aztec, and we"ll it is in happy to number out a shipment strategy to get your appliance safely nestled in your home as smoothly together possible.

Now that you know exactly how to measure for her appliances, it"s time because that the most exciting component – picking the end an appliance! Visit Aztec Appliance, and we"ll help you number out what you need based upon your measurements.

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When you involved our store, us make it a priority to help you from start to end, and also then some. Shop through Aztec Appliance to get superb customer company from our associates on the sales floor as well as efficient and professional delivery of your new appliance to your home. We"ll make the procedure easy because that you, every action of the way.