If your BMW hood doesn"t open, it might be early out to any type of of the following causes:

A damaged hood latch releaseBMW hood cable is rustedBroken plastic relax under the hoodMisalignment hoodStretched cable if the hood just opens ~ above one side

Why won"t the hood won"t open on a BMW? 

The first step in troubleshooting a BMW hood the won"t open up is come ensure that you room pulling the hood release all the way back. Make sure you are also pulling the hood release twice. Some BMW models call for that you traction the hood double for the hood to unlock.

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If that doesn"t work, try pressing down on the hood as a helper traction on the hood release. Once you have pulled the hood release under the dash, try popping up the hood.Next, inspect the cable at the hood lever. If the cable has actually popped out of the release, you will certainly not have the ability to unlatch the hood since the cable is no being pulled. The cable can additionally pop out of the channel in ~ the hood latch under the hood.If the hood releases on one side however not the other, it means the cable to that latch is broken, the cable is stretched, or the cable has actually slid out of the latch. The following snapshot shows you exactly how the cable should look. This is the ar where it deserve to slide out of the latch.The cable originates from under the hood splits into two cables at the box beside the fender. Open up this box and make sure the cables aren"t disconnected.Lastly, examine the relax at the former of the hood. It regularly breaks or gets stuck due come rust. If the is the case, use a cable hanger to unlock the hood.

How to open a BMW hood?

There room a couple of various hood latch designs. The most common requires the hood relax under the dashboard to be pulled and also then relax the hood at the front.

Newer BMW models don"t have a hood relax under the hood however simply need you to pull the hood release under the hood twice.

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BMW owners frequently experience a problem where one next of the hood latch gets stuck.


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