16 pawn cards59 number cards26 action cards8 SORRY! cards1 reminder cardInstructions

Object that the Game



Each take all 4 pawn cards the one color. Put them out in front of you through the start side showing. Put any kind of spare pawn cards to one side.

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Shuffle e the rest of the cards. Offer each player 5 cards, facedown. You deserve to look at your own cards, yet keep lock secret

Put the rest of the cards facedown in a heap in the middle. This is the draw pile. As soon as you're playing, start a faceup play pile beside it.

Game Play

Decide who's walking fi rst. Starting player, on her turn, beat a card from her hand faceup onto the pat pile and call out what it is. You should play a card on your turn.

Take cards indigenous the attract pile to lug your hand ago up to 5. Important: You need to NEVER have an ext than 7 cards at the finish of your turn.

Take transforms to pat a card. View over the page to find out what all the action cards do. When you pat a number or slide map that makes the pat pile include up to:

Exactly 21: You victory the round! Flip among your pawn cards end so the home side is faceup (unless who plays a SORRY! card on you to steal her win).

Over 21: friend bust! This ring is over. Everyone other than you fl ips among their pawn cards come HOME.

Move the pat pile out of the way, however keep your hand! The following player start the next round.

If the draw pile runs out, shuffle the discarded beat piles together to make a new draw pile.

Which map did friend play

Here's what come do.

The very first number card on the pat pile.

Call out the number.

Another number card.

Call out the play pile's total.

An activity card.

Call out what that does, then perform it.

A number card on peak of an action card.

Call the end the pat pile's total. If you're not certain what it is, look earlier through the heap to add it up.

A on slide card.

Call out what number the play pile slides to.

A SORRY! card.

Say what the map does and also do it.

A Don't it is in SORRY! card.

Laugh at your opponent. Say what the map does and do it.


If it's your very first game, take a moment to find out what each of the cards does.

Pawn Cards

These cards space your pawns. Start the video game with the start side showing. Once you gain the play heap to 21, upper and lower reversal a pawn card to HOME.

Number Cards

Play a number card to include to the complete of the play pile. Constantly call out the play pile's total as girlfriend play your card.

Action Cards

Yellow action cards aid you on your turn!


Slide the beat pile's full up or down to the number top top the card

Take 2

Take 2 cards from the attract pile to add to your hand, (but not if you'd have much more than 7).


Switch the order of play.

Play 2

Play this card, climate play one more 2 number cards from your hand onto the play pile.

Sorry! Cards

SORRY! cards are action cards that you play versus other players.

There room two types:


Play this on your turn.

Pick one more player and flip one of their pawn cards ago to start, uneven they have the right to play a Don't it is in SORRY! card.


Play this when another player theatre the card that takes the total to 21.

No have to wait for your turn. Speak 'SORRY!' and also flip among your pawn cards to home instead that them, uneven they can play a Don't it is in SORRY! card...

Don't it is in Sorry! Cards

Play this to block SORRY! cards played on you. You're saved! Nobody deserve to play a SORRY! or Don't it is in SORRY! map onto her Don't it is in SORRY! card.

Important: attract a new card after friend play a SORRY! or Don't be SORRY! card, to carry your hand as much as 5. Discard the pat pile and start a brand-new one.

End of the Game

Keep playing until someone flips their 4th pawn card to HOME. The player wins!

If much more than one player flips their 4th pawn card to residence at the same time, tied football player play a tiebreaker.

In a heap in former of you, beat any number of cards from your hand to gain as close as you deserve to to 21 there is no going bust. The closest player wins.

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For a much longer Game

Once you have all 4 pawn cards flipped come HOME, merely flip one ago to begin every time girlfriend win one more round. Gain all 4 pawn cards flipped ago to START and you win.