Do you love piercings? Piercings are among my favourite points in the world, and also I’ve tried quite some top top me. Regrettably my human body doesn’t really favor them, so only a tongue and ear holes endured the battle. I was thinking about getting a new piercing once all the problems with mine previous ones concerned my mind. Who desires to resolve infections, lengthy healing process and whatnot? I absolutely don’t require it at the moment. (don’t acquire scared, it might not take place to you.) yet if you are fragile to this stuff, hear this out!

There is a solution for many piercings: non-pierced piercings! I know that piercings lovers will arise, or simply close this page already. However a “fake” piercing is a good idea when you need that spark on her face and you don’t desire to commit come a actual piercing.


Most fake-able piercings


You either might use a ring or a adhesive jewel through this one. Well the adhesive jewel can look fake if girlfriend look an extremely close, otherwise that will just look like any kind of other L-shape sleep rings or stud.


There are numerous options, and it’s the most basic one to fake! You have the right to put fake rings on it, fake cartilage many rings, clip-on earrings and also such. I have a an excellent experience through those because I often have to resolve people no having holes in your ears and the necessity to placed earrings top top them. Ah, the perks of dressing human being up.A nice place to find this sort of no pierced earring is there’s a lot, and you can also find those nice multi ring cartilage earrings that ns adore!



I don’t know if friend have ever tried this however I did. True. I’ve never liked this piercing however I feel the need of having one just a couple of main ago, so i tried a ring on and also noticed the looked yes, really good! That’s once I had the totality “fake piercing” idea. If you deserve to fake a septum, you have the right to fake anything! ;D Here an additional take in ~ this fake fake piercing! See? you can’t phone call it’s no real! though I might go for it now, I prefer it too lot haha!

In the snapshot above, the real piercing I supplied to fake the septum. Simply tighten castle up with pliers and also you’re done. That’s what i did. Just don’t walk too far or you can end up v a real hole!

That said, get a genuine piercing by all means! ns love piercings, and if it wasn’t because that my body no wanting castle I’d have actually much more. The reality that mine skin regenerates very fast is both positive and also negative.

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I do not gain scars for any kind of of my old piercings, yet my skin often tends to disapprove them. So give it a shot anyway: if you follow every one of the rules and keep it clean everything is going to be all right!