The lips have the right to say so much, and when it concerns adorning them through piercings, they to speak a entirety lot more! v such a vast array that lip and cheek piercings, it have the right to be hard to uncover the right piercing because that you. We"ve broken lip piercings into 3 categories for a simple, cataloged collection of impressive lip and also cute cheek piercings to assist you uncover your next jeweled undertaking.


Side labret piercing: just stated, a side labret lip piercing is a single, off-centered piercing of the lower or upper lip, typically done v a 14G or 16G needle. This is more than likely the most usual lip piercing form and what you might think of when you think the a lip piercing.

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Hardware: Captive bead rings (CBRs) or labret studs jewelry are the preferred must types, yet circular barbells deserve to be worn.


Healing: Side labret piercings might take all over from 1 to 3 months to heal.

Monroe piercing: consist of of a single 14G, 16G, or 18G fitted piercing excellent on the ideal side the the top lip, Monroe piercings are named for the beauty note that the so late Marilyn Monroe sported on she lip.

Hardware: Usually, a labret stud is worn in this piercing, however CBRs and horseshoe barbells are typical jewelry alternatives.

Healing: on average, a Monroe piercing have the right to take 6 weeks to 3 month to totally heal.

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Madonna piercing: A piercing similar to that of the Monroe, the Madonna piercing is done on the left hand next to represent the beauty mark on Madonna’s lip. Hardware: lot like the Monroe piercing, 14G, 16G, and 18G labret studs, horseshoe barbells, and CBRs room all worthy jewelry alternatives for Madonna piercings.

Healing: Madonna piercings, with ideal care, range between 6 come 12 weeks to heal.


Medusa piercing: Medusa piercings are done directly over the facility of the upper lip. This puncture is generally done v 16G (or larger) needles.

Hardware: The most known medusa fittings room labret studs and CBRs.

Healing: usual healing time because that this format piecing is 6 to 12 weeks.

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Labret piercing: The labret piercing is done just below the center of the reduced lip and over the chin.

Hardware: return "labret” is the technological term for a typical style of body jewelry—the labret stud—it is not the only form of jewelry the rocks this piercing style. Hoops such as captive bead ring (CBRs) or seamless rings have the right to be worn as well. Girlfriend can also opt because that a circular barbell. The conventional gauge ranges in between 18G and also 14G and also can be stretched to accommodate labret plugs.

Healing: typical healing time for a labret piercing is 3 to 6 weeks, depending upon care.

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Vertical labret piercing: Simultaneously similar and quite various to the labret piercing, the upright labret piercing resides up to its surname as a piercing done vertically through one finish coming out of the conventional labret piercing area and also the other penetrating the facility of the lip itself.

Hardware: A bending barbell or CBR v an 18G to 14G selection is common, though larger gauges deserve to be worn v this piercing.

Healing: upright labret piercings might take 8 come 10 main to completely heal.

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Ashley piercing: an adaptation of the upright labret, Ashley piercings room inverted, which way that the departure hole of the piercing is placed inside the mouth leaving only the entrance point through the lip visible.

Hardware: bent barbells or CBRs v a thickness of 18G to 14G are common, though bigger gauges can be worn with this piercing.

Healing: comparable to the upright labret, healing times for Ashley piercings can take 8 come 10 weeks.

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Jestrum piercing: Protruding just over the center top lip and exiting the center of the peak lip itself, a Jestrum piercing is basically an upside under vertical labret.

Hardware: prefer the upright labret, Jestrum piercings space the ideal fit for bent barbells or CBRs within the 18G come 14G range, though bigger gauges have the right to be worn through this piercing.

Healing: A Jestrum-style procedure will have an approximated healing time of 8 to 10 weeks.

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Double & quadruple lip piercings Dahlia piercing: placed at the corners of the mouth, the Dahlia piercing is typically done in pairs, despite a single piercing provides a distinct alternative.

Hardware: The human body jewelry most generally used for Dahlia piercings room labret studs with beaded ends, yet you deserve to opt because that gemstones or charms for a an ext individualized look.

Healing: The healing procedure for Dahlia piercings can variety from 3 come 10 weeks, relying on care.

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Snake bite piercing: snake bite piercings space so called for their depiction of fang markings. This twin piercing consists of a pair of piercings placed symmetrically in ~ the lower lip towards the edges of the mouth. Essentially, the line bites piercing is 2 side labret piercings put on either side of the mouth. 

Hardware: Captive bead ring (CBRs), smooth rings, one or bent barbells, hoops, and labret studs are the most typical jewelry species for the line bite piercing.

Healing: The estimated healing time for a snake bite piercing is 1 to 3 months.

Complete overview for the snake bite piercing 

Angel bites piercing: virtually identical to the line bite piercing, an point of view bites piercing is performed on every side of the top lip.

Hardware: 18G to 14G lip ring studs v a an easy bead or gemstone are the most common jewelry choice. However, like the snake bite piercing, you have the right to opt for hoop styles, prefer captive bead rings or seamless rings, together well.

Healing: The mean timeframe for the point of view bites piercings to cure is 4 to 12 weeks.

Dolphin bites piercing: centered on the reduced lip, dolphin bites space somewhat comparable to snake bite piercings, only much closer together.

Hardware: with close piercing proximity, dolphin bites deserve to harbor 18G, 16G, and also even 14G jewelry. Styles encompass labret studs with a little bead or gemstone, or—less commonly, yet no much less stylish—hoop styles like CBRs or seamless rings.

Healing: similar to other “bites,” this layout of piercing takes about a 1 come 3 months to heal. 

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Spider bites piercing (or viper bites piercing): This piercing layout differs native the dolphin bites piercing only due to the fact that it will certainly sit on one of two people the best or left side of the mouth, quite than in the center.

Hardware: similar to various other double-pierced types, this piercing looks an excellent with simple labret studs, slender smooth hoops, small CBRs, or also circular barbells.

Healing: The spider bites piercing might take almost everywhere from 4 weeks come 3 month to fully heal.

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Cyber bites piercing: The cyber bites piercing essentially combines the Medusa and Labret piercings by placing one focused piercing above and one listed below the top and bottom lips.

Hardware: As with their Medusa and labret counterparts, both piercings have the right to accompany 18G come 14G labret studs decorated v spikes, gems, or crystals, CBRs and other hoop styles, and it can also accommodate stretching of the reduced lip piercing for labret plugs.

Healing: Depending on care, a cyber bites piercing might take 6 weeks come 3 month to totally heal.

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Cheek piercings: Usually performed as a pair, cheek piercings space facial piercings supposed to emulate the look at of dimples or accentuate the look at of present dimples.

Hardware: Cheek piercings space typically restricted to labret studs. Most opt because that a basic bead in order to preserve the dimple aesthetic, but you can additionally go because that diamonds or charms because that a an ext unique flavor. 

Healing: With appropriate care, your new cheeks piercing need to heal in about 8 to 12 weeks. 

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Quadruple piercings

Shark bite piercing: Shark bite piercings are best categorized as a pair of cyber bites piercings done on both sides of the mouth rather than just one.

Hardware: Captive bead ring (CBRs) and other hoop styles, circular barbells, and labret studs occupational well through this piercing. Don"t be fear to shot out various looks; the 4 piercings allow you come get creative with your jewelry style combinations.

Healing: due to the lot of piercings performed at one time, the shark bite piercing healing period may be extensive, taking everywhere from 8 to 12 weeks.

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Canine bite piercing: made up of four piercings done on both sides of both the upper and lower lips, Canine Bites piercings showoff a distinct combination of the angel bites and snake bite piercings.

Hardware: Since the four piercings market a plethora of jewel choices, from an easy labret studs to CBRs or one barbells, you"re limited only by your imagination. Be bold and combine jewelry styles. Commonly, canine bite aficionados will go for hoops or circular barbells because that the reduced piercings and subtler labret studs with tiny beads for the peak lip.  

Healing: Because that the variety of piercings, the canine bite piercing tend to take around 8 to 12 weeks to heal.