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In a right of desperation, duct tape was supplied to covering a hole wherein the autopilot control head provided to be. It was then left on because that the last 1-2 month of the season, and also not removed until recently. Now, that course, there is duct tape residue on the wall surfaces of the cockpit bordering the hole. Does anyone have suggestions because that removal there is no damaging the complete on the glass? I have actually considered: denatured alcohol, mineral spirits, methyl-ethyl ketone, acetone, jackhammer, drill, and sandpaper.All great non-destructive principles are welcome!
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I"ve been using a many duct ice while acquisition my boat apart. I stopped using it due to the clean-up involved, it is nasty stuff.To clean it, I would scrape as lot as I could off then use acetone and also a scotch brite pad. Some sandpaper did the rest, wherein needed.edit: I just went the sandpaper route due to the fact that I am prepping to sand and also paint the totality deck anyways.

I suggest beginning with something prefer Goo Gone, i m sorry is a citrus based solvent for removing adhesives. If the doesn"t work, then an outbreak the acetone. I"d shot to continue to be away from sandpaper together it will make a actual mess that the gelcoat and may simply spread the adheasive around.
I would start with alchohol, the disolves duct tape, and also has the lowest hazard of disolving something else. The stronger solvents may damage, (fog or soften) the gelcoat.
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The adhesive is a rubber material. Repaint thinner works as petroleum products assault rubber. Apply it, rub it a bit, wait fifty percent an hour obstacle again and also it must come off.

Goo Gone really is your best bet. Also after several years once al you have actually left is the webbing that the duct-tape let the Goo unable to do soak in and also wipe. Ns wouldn"t usage anything scratchy (scotch brite, sand-paper, steel wool, knife) together it can and also will scratch or dull the gel-coat surface.Good luck.
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More tape. I use this trick through Gorilla ice cream - don"t know if it works for regular duct tape. Simply put an ext Gorilla ice cream on, press it down, traction it back off - the yanks the old residue off with it.
Lighter liquid (from a refill can) does a nice job of softening the adhesive without cutting right into the gelcoat. The volatility is low sufficient that you can let that soak for a bit, climate wipe hard with a soft cloth.In mine experience, any yellow discoloration where the tape had been will fade with sunlight exposure.

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Thanks because that the advice everyone! part scrubbing with mineral spirits and a clean record towel walk the trick.
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Reason DT is so hard to clean turn off is the compound is formulated to collection with heat.. When used to the which the was developed for. Ductwork. Ns remember a very long time ago..DT wouldn"t also stick come the Ductwork uneven it to be warm. Now thanks to "better living with chemistry" it sticks.. And bumper stickers!
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