Do you desire to learn how to remove spray foam insulation from your skin or hands?

Spray foam is a an excellent product to air seal small areas or to insulate entire homes. But sooner or later, you will likely acquire some spray foam on her skin.

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In this guide, I will certainly go over...

A couple of ways to remove spray foam prior to it has dried on your skinHow to remove spray foam after it has actually driedon your skin.

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Nothing is worse than acquiring spray foam on your skin. That feels favor some type of extraterrestrial creature has latched top top you. Fortunately, there a few methods the you can shot to eliminate spray foam.

How To eliminate Wet Spray Foam Insulation?

If the spray foam hasn"t dried yet, you should an initial carefully wipe it off making use of a fabric as quick as possible.

One substance that people swear by in removed pre-dried foam is acetone or nail polish remover. If the foam has dried, pond polish remover will assist dissolve the spray foam insulation from your skin.

If friend don"t have acetone, girlfriend can additionally use WD-40, Goof Off, lacquer thinner, or even a gasoline in a pinch. For any kind of of this substances, the is preferable come wash your hands through it external or in a fine ventilated area.

After you have removed as lot spray foam as possible, friend should immediately wash her hands with soap and also water. And since this substances space pretty turbulent on the skin, the is a great idea to usage some high high quality lotion together a critical step.

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Two-In-One clean Solution

Another an excellent option to eliminate spray foam (pre-dried) is come use good Stuff Dispensing pistol Cleaner.

If you room doing a big spray foam job, an excellent Stuff Cleaner is a good tool to store your spray foam gun and nozzles clean. But this cleaner also works good to remove spray foam insulation from your skin prior to it has cured.

How To remove Dried Spray Foam Insulation?

If because that some reason you weren"t able to remove spray foam from her skin prior to it has cured, there room a few ways to remove dried foam.

Probably the easiest method is to acquire a washable emery plank (nail filer) or pumice stone. This method also works an excellent for superglue that dries onto the skin.

Under the sink, simply keep your hands wet, and also with a wet emery board, gently rub the spray foam insulation turn off of her skin. You deserve to also add a small soap to make it easier.

If you don"t have a washable emery board or a pumice stone, girlfriend can additionally use tool to well sand paper. Just make certain to save the sand file wet together you gently rub your skin.

The quite thing around this strategy is your aren"t relying on harsh chemicals or solvents to remove the dried broadening foam (which can take a long time). You space physically removing the yes, really spray foam from your skin fairly than dissolving it.

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Petroleum Jelly

Some master swear by this method. You merely slather ~ above petroleum jelly onto your hands and also over the dried spray foam. Then you placed your hands into some rubber gloves and enable it to soak onto her skin for a few hours.

An alternative an approach is come soak your hands in plain hot water until your skin i do not care soft. After her hands have soaked in water or petroleum jelly because that a while, the dried spray foam have to come off much easier.

I would first try to simply remove the foam with continuous soap and also water. If the doesn"t totally remove the foam, I would certainly still use an emery board, pumice stone, or sand file to end up the job.

Just remember to keep the emery board and your hand wet once removing the cured foam.


Always wear Gloves & Masks

Always stay gloves as soon as you use spray foam insulation assets (or superglue).

In addition to gloves, homeowners have to wear a an ideal mask to stop inhalation the spray foam vapors. Spray foam insulation produce isocyanate vapors and also aerosols which can be hazardous to your body.

Especially for huge spray foam jobs, you want to use hefty duty rubber gloves rather than cheap disposable gloves. The cheap disposable gloves can quickly break, and expose her skin to spray foam.

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Final Thoughts

Spray foam is a great product to air seal and insulate particular areas the the home, especially irregularly shaped areas.

But comparable to superglue, if this stuff gets on your skin, it can be a nightmare to take it off. Always take appropriate precautions when handling spray foam, and using heavy duty rubber gloves is extremely recommended. If broadening foam does obtain on her skin, instantly wipe it off through a cloth.

After any loosened foam is removed, you can start dissolving any type of foam residue through acetone, WD-40, Goof Off, lacquer thinner, or similar substance.

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If the spray foam insulation has dried on your skin, the best method is to eliminate it v a wet emery board or wet sand paper. Make certain your hands space wet throughout this process as well, and be gentle.