How to get Melted Plastic off Glass

It's to be a while, yet I when melted plastic utensils on a range surface and needed to obtain the plastic off without damaging the surface. This weekend, our daughter placed her cloak up versus an indoor fireplace through a glass door to heat it up. In seconds the nylon had melted and adhered to the glass front of the fireplace. Ugh. Not only was the jacket ruined, we need to obtain the plastic gotten rid of from the glass door (it's no our house).

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Necessary Supplies

We were the end of town, so we headed to the local grocery store to pick up provides to clean the plastic turn off the glass surface.


Step 1: Spray and Scrape

WD-40 is flammable, for this reason if you room doing it on a cooktop or fireplace glass, make certain the flames space out. Second, razor chisels are exceptionally sharp and it bring away a little of force to widdle far the plastic indigenous the glass, for this reason be certain to press away from her body and to it is in careful.

Start by spraying the plastic v WD-40 and then usage the razor blade to scrape it far in tiny pieces. Once finished scraping either vacuum up or move up the shave plastic pieces and also throw castle away.

Step 2: Clean the Glass

Using a little bit of Windex or other kind of glass cleaner, clean the home window once all the plastic has actually been chipped off. The Windex through a towel will cut through the remaining WD-40 and make the home window look nice and clean.

The great news is if friend ever discover yourself in this situation, no must panic, just get the appropriate tools and clean that up. In this case, the fireplace glass looks as an excellent as new, too bad there isn't as straightforward of a systems to repair the melted liner that the jacket.

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Questions & Answers

Question: Won’t the razor scrape the glass as soon as removing plastic or nylon indigenous the surface?

Answer: So, you must be careful, however in mine experience, the blade once pressured evenly on the glass didn’t carry out damage. I didn’t notice any scratches, yet test top top a little spot first.

Question: What if that is a plastic spoon melted to glass?

Answer: The same actions will work-related if a plastic spoon melts to glass.


ACrandall from Lyons, Colorado on December 18, 2018:

So, ~ trying 5 various other recommended methods, none if which brought about removing lot of the material, HERE'S THE real SOLUTION:

Take denatured alcohol and also put top top a rag, rub it in intensely for a tiny while. Take the razor blade and start scraping that off. Do it in tiny areas until it is totally removed. I have no scratches ~ above the glass and no residue from the clothing. It also works to remove just about anything native glass, tiles, wood floors, etc. Without any kind of damage to the item. It truly is amazing stuff. Great Luck!!

Sarah Stancombe-Duhm top top December 16, 2018:

This is brilliant. Functioned perfectly to eliminate a smudge of baked on fleece wherein someone leant ~ above my hot glass with their sleeve

Zephyr on January 17, 2018:

This an approach worked for me. I had actually a solid mess on my propane fireplace glass once I touched a fleece jacket on the warm glass. You need to work at it however after an hour the melted stain top top the propane fireplace glass to be gone. Slowly yet surely would certainly be my recommendation.

Courtney ~ above January 03, 2018:

Just melted my sock to the fireplace trying to heat my foot up. Assumption: v I'm purchase a razor tongue tonight! Thanks!

Jenifer ~ above December 10, 2017:

Oh my god conserved me !!

Lana ~ above November 26, 2017:

Thank friend sooo sooo lot for this post! You’ve conserved me so much stress and also worry and potentially numerous pounds in replacing the ceramic glass on my Contura timber burner!!

Used WF-40 and also a knife with an even edge. Patience and also perseverance winner out! Acetone, toothpaste didn’t work.

So glad I found this post!! fine done ~ above figuring out how to fix this!! and also letting the remainder of united state know!!

Amie ~ above November 02, 2017:

I had a window cling melt to my window. I saw your post and did exactly what you had written. Act this saved my apartment window. Say thanks to you so lot for posting this. It was really helpful.

Kulvinder Kaur top top October 26, 2017:

Hello. This happened today mine kid’s coat was burnt on the fireplace glass. Luckily the is ok. I was panicking however when i check out your this short article . Ns did specifically what you have written. Wow!!! the is great you conserved me. Say thanks to you so much. My fireplace glass looks new. Thks

Cheryl top top July 16, 2017:

I understand you wrote this years back but I simply melted my tights onto our gas fireplace glass and this article made me feel lot better! thanks :)

tmcdanel top top February 01, 2016:

R. Mason,

You are quite incorrect. Glass is harder 보다 steel, even the tempered steel of a good knife.

R. Mason on December 15, 2012:

should not use metal objects to clean fireplace glass. Heat glass slightly and use a wood spatula tenderness to remove blobs of plastic. Then, after ~ glass has cooled completely, use a toothbrush and GEL toothpaste. Take away a little bit of time, yet safer later on than a razor blade which deserve to leave micro scratches ~ above the glass which deserve to weaken it

Paul Edmondson (author) indigenous Burlingame, CA ~ above January 19, 2012:

I've obtained one search referrer come this hub thus far for the hatchet "how to get melted plastic off of glass fireplace" i hope the visitor was happy.

Lela Bryan from Alameda, CA ~ above January 18, 2012:

My neighbors write-up used tools on ebay and also they clean up all of their tools v WD-40. The key ingredient is fish oil.

JP Carlos from Quezon CIty, Phlippines ~ above January 17, 2012:

Just choose DzyMsLizzy, ns hope ns don't obtain the possibility to execute this. LOL. Any tips on obtaining melted plastic ~ above denim? Don't ask how I obtained it there in the very first place.

Liz Elias native Oakley, CA on January 17, 2012:

Hopefully, ns won't discover myself in such a I recognize what to carry out if the worst should happen.

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Good ol' WD-40--it belongs right up there with duct ice cream in the "fix-everything" tool kit.