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The critical 3 JD"s I"ve functioned on that the pto clutch necessary to come off, ns couldn"t get them off. I remove the center bolt and can"t budge them, essential to replace drive belt. Had the ability to go another method but more effort and also took longer. Ns take the pto clutchs off various other makes and they autumn off in her hand as soon as you remove the bolt, am I absent something? they all couldn"t be seized top top the shaft. Is over there a trick. ThanksRich Davis3M"sMobile Mower Maintance Service
Pretty typical for some reason. Ns have had the clutch and drive wheel off my 345 2 times and also both times destroyed the journey pulley. The 2nd time was around a year after the first and I had actually put anti seize on the crank after the an initial one. I understand that dealers number the expense of the drive wheel anytime they have actually to deal with it in their estimates. Roger

Use a flywheel puller. That"s what i use and it functions every time on my 345Sent from mine iPhone using Tapatalk
I bespeak a brand-new PTO clutch because that my 345 since the old one was trashed and already off the engine. Once I checked out mount the brand-new clutch, I found the old bolt has broken off do the washing up in the crank. :nada: now I have to an extremely CAREFULLY drill the end the old bolt and also remove it there is no damaging the crank. Anyone rather gone through this?
316 Onan with sleeve hitch and also 49 snowblower318 through sleeve hitch and Powerflow bagger2- 317"s (one repowered with Magnum 18)140 H1- future project345- present project54 4 method blade
LOL v doing the drilling. If you have actually a left hand drill bit and reversing drill you could get lucky and also have it capture the bolt and screw the broken part of the bolt right out of the crankshaft. RogerI chose to add this also. You can at this allude want the traction the engine for this reason you have the right to turn that upside down to make it less complicated to drill. Climate while you have actually the engine out you can want to also replace the water pump as the engine has to come out to perform that. Likewise while you are solving things girlfriend might take into consideration putting the upgraded fuel pump ~ above the engine so the old pump doesn"t begin the tractor ~ above fire. Roger

If the bolt broke because it was overtightened and snapped, and it"s near flush,you might have the ability to use a little chisel to revolve it out. If the bolt broke due to the fact that it was was too long or the threads were bad, then that wouldn"t work.
a trick ns learned is come break turn off a insanity on friend bench, then utilizing a sharp edge of now damaged tap you can acquire some bite top top the bolt and hit it lightly through a hammer the to ago the broken bolt out. (similar come the chisel technique above)another alternative is to put a slot in the damaged bolt with a dremel and use an impact screwdriver v a flat bit to loosen it, but watch because that cutting the crankleft hand drill bits likewise work
If there is a little stub of the bolt sticking the end you have the right to also feasible tack weld a seed onto the finish of the stud. The warmth helps ease the stud and the nut gives you part leverage. Use caution if close come the seal so the you don"t over warmth the seal or crank shaft.
I acquired a set of left handed drills top top the method home, ns had already drilled a pilot hole. The left drill grabbed the broken bolt and out the came! WHEW. Now I have actually re-tap the threads and get a brand-new PTO bolt cause the threads gained mashed trying the the first time. Updates come follow....

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316 Onan v sleeve hitch and also 49 snowblower318 through sleeve hitch and Powerflow bagger2- 317"s (one repowered with Magnum 18)140 H1- future project345- present project54 4 way blade
If you desire to keep the crank from transforming I have an old fashioned way. To buy or uncover a couple of feet of new or really clean 1/4 inch nylon rope. Pull one of the spark plugs and also with that piston down a means fill the cylinder through a foot or so of the rope. Then gradually turn the crank CW until the engine stops. You deserve to now rethread the threads and also tighten bolts a necessary. As soon as finished revolve the crank CCW a bit and also pull the rope out and also reinstall the spark plug. Roger
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