Viper automobile alarms safeguard your car from theft. As soon as working properly, the auto alarm gives you through a measure of reassurance that you will certainly still discover your auto outside once you head to occupational in the morning. Once malfunctioning, however, a auto alarm gives no protection and also can even be a nuisance to you and your neighbors. Malfunctioning Viper alarms cause a range of difficulties including according to and constant noise, a disabled horn and also a dead battery. Generally, girlfriend cannot solve a damaged Viper vehicle alarm; it have to be replaced. Before installing a brand-new car alarm, you need to remove the old one.

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Put top top the work-related gloves and turn the automobile off. Open up the hood and also detach the negative cable native the battery through the wrench.

Open the driver"s door and look at the cover because that the underside that the dashboard. Remove the cover utilizing the screwdriver and also find the alert module. The module is a black, rectangle-shaped box through an antenna wire on one end. Utilizing the cable cutters, remove any type of ties or fasteners hold the alarm in place and also pull it out from under the dash.

Find the two huge wires on module spliced right into the ignition cable coming native the steering column. Use the cable cutters to cut the 2 wires native the ignition wire, removed the alarm"s begin disable relay. Reconnect the ignition wire to the terminal making use of the cable crimps. Tighten the crimps come make certain the connection is secure. The connection must be secure in order for the automobile to start after you remove the alarm.

Remove the black color wire connecting the module to the inner compartment under the dash. This disables the alarm by remove the power from the battery. If the black wire to be spliced into any type of wires, reconnect lock to your original source and pave with electric tape.

Cut the alert wire the end the headlight circuit and also repair making use of the cable crimp. Wind electrical tape approximately the new connection. Carry out the exact same for alarm relations to the horn, internal lights and also door locks.

Reattach the an adverse cable come the battery and also close the hood. Start the auto to make sure the ignition wire repair works. If the vehicle does no start, go back to the ignition wire and re-secure the suitable wire clamp.

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