I freshly bought another pocket clock necklace (you have the right to buy comparable women"s ball pocket city hall here) and wouldn’t you know it, the watch practically immediately started losing time and also running slow. I can’t return it however it is an easy fix. My watch demands a brand-new watch battery.

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Normally, i take my watches to a jeweler and also have them change the battery because that me. The is, till I found out just how easy it is to adjust a pocket clock battery on mine own.Also, ns didn’t have time to run it end to a jeweler.But serious after learning that the is a 5 minute resolve for the price of a watch battery, I"ll never ever go to a jeweler or watchmaker again!
Pin this idea to your Pinterest boards because that later! re-publishing it through your friends!You will need:A pocket watchPrecision driver SetWatch batteryA watch dog!

Hi everyone Lacey here! I desire to remind you that relying on the brand, you can void your warranty if you change the clock battery yourself. Lisa"s clock doesn"t have actually a warranty so she feels confident repairing that herself.
Step by Step exactly how to Tutorial:1. Utilizing a flat head screwdriver from the kit, put the finish in the seam the pocket clock seam, and gently pry the ago off the the bag watch. This shouldn’t take too much pressure. I gave the screwdriver a slim twist in the seam and also the ago popped appropriate off.


3. eliminate the dead battery native the pocket watch and also replace it v a new battery.4. replace the white spacer approximately the watch assembly.5. press the back of the pocket watch right into place until it clicks into place.6. tell time!Want a pocket watch for yourself or as a gift? examine out this women"s and men"s pocket watch ideas -and more!- below!Did you reap this post? Get more like the by subscribing come the Condo Blues RSS feed or to Condo Blues through Email.

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