These indict will describe how to replace a journey belt on a Cub Cadet walk-behind mower. It"s important to replace the drive belt if that is worn-out, cracked or torn. Waiting until the belt division to change it can inconveniently hold-up your mowing. Relying on your model, the instructions noted below may vary slightly. Constantly be sure to examine your operator"s manual for thorough instructions.

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Step 1 - Prepare the mower because that maintenanceRemove the spark plug and ignition wire.Drain the fuel tank making use of a siphon, or location plastic beneath the cap to stop leakage. Until maintenance is complete, save the fuel in a portable fuel container (PFC) that conforms to government guidelines.Tip the mower ~ above its side through the air filter up.Remove the self-tapping screws native the next of the deck.Step 2 - eliminate the lawn mower blade and access the journey beltCarefully eliminate the tongue retaining bolt and then remove the blade.Remove the self-tapping screws the secure the engine baffle and also mower drive belt cover to the deck. Next, eliminate the baffle and also belt cover.Step 3 - Remove and also replace the mower journey beltRemove the journey belt from the tongue adapter and also drive pulley, then remove the blade adapter from the crankshaft.Working indigenous the behind of the mower, carefully remove the mower drive belt indigenous the infection pulley.Push down on the deck baffle to accessibility the engine pulley. On slide the drive belt turn off this pulley and out from under the deck.Replace v a new lawn mower drive belt. Job-related it between the deck and also the baffle. First, route it roughly the infection pulley and also then about the engine pulley.Tighten the self-tapping screws the secure the deck baffle come the deck.Step 4 - Reassemble the lawn mower for usReplace the engine baffle and also secure it with the self-tapping screws.Tip the mower back onto that wheels.Reattach the spark plug ignition wire, and also refill the fuel tank.

Check your mower belt routinely for any signs the damage and also remember to follow her operator"s hand-operated when performing any kind of mower maintenance. It"s also a great idea to keep a Cub Cadet instead of lawn mower journey belt ~ above hand in case of an unanticipated break. Non-OEM parts deserve to wear out an ext quickly because of an imprecise fit, which might lead to much more frequent repairs and less-than-optimal performance.

Cub Cadet real Parts

Always use genuine OEM replacement parts when servicing your equipment. Use our parts finder come locate and also order any replacement parts you might need for maintenance. Refer to your owner"s hand-operated for additional maintenance information.

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