How To change Ignition Lock Cylinder 1992-99 GMC K1500

This video shows you exactly how to install a brand-new ignition lock cylinder in her 1988-02 GMC Sierra.

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Let"s remove the an adverse battery terminal using an 8-millimeter wrench. Collection this aside for this reason it can not call that battery terminal. So, next, we"re just going to revolve the steering wheel. We"re going to have this for this reason it"s as with that. In ~ this point, if you to be to look at the backside, you"re going come see two holes, and inside those holes, there"s walking to be a little piton the you"re going to desire to push on. So, I"ll just take mine pick. I"m walking to press right in the center. And also then I"m going to pull the end on the airbag a tiny bit. And also then I"ll carry out the exact same to the other one. Okay. That come out. I"m walk to carry out the other side real fast again just in case. Okay. The feels good. We"ll carry out the exact same to the lower ones. There us go. Closely pull this away. Now, we"re going to disconnect the airbag. This orange thing right here is a lock. So, first, I"ll slide it the end of where it"s hosted in. Now, we"re just going come grab that orange piece. Pull the out. Now, we"ll simply press in on this tab and we should have the ability to separate these two pieces. Carefully collection your airbag aside. Acquire that wire the end of the way. Now, we"re walking to remove this nut.Now, the next thing you desire to perform is pay unique attention come make certain that her steering pillar is marked and the steering wheel area"s significant so they line up. If they aren"t, simply go ahead and make some sort of mark, that"ll do it therefore you can remember since you don"t desire to placed your steering wheel top top criss-cross. At this point, usually, you have the right to shake that around and also sometimes it comes off the easy. Various other times, what you can have to carry out is placed a bolt through best there and also there, and also just sort of store driving lock in and also it"ll press up versus this area there and also draw the steering wheel away. So, now, we"re gonna usage a T25. It"s a Torx little bit driver. And also if you were to watch underneath your steering column, you"re going to check out two huge holes. There"s going to be 2 screws, eliminate both of them. The next thing you"re walk to have to remove is this appropriate here. To perform that, just pull it straight out. Now, we have the right to grab top top this. You want to push towards the dash come unhook the clips over there in the back, and then, that course, draw it in the direction of you to remove it completely. There"s those hooks that i was talk about. Next, we"re walking to use an reverse Torx E5. We"re walking to ease this best here and that"s walking to relax this upper plastic. Should be able to lift up. Okay. The came totally free nice. It"s coming follow me great. Awesome.We"re going to need to do following is we"re going to be comes from under this plastic, we"re going to discover a tiny hole and also I"ll show you in a second. We"re going to take it this pick and also we"re going to push down. As soon as you push this down, you can turn it backwards a little bit, and slide the unit out. So, best now, mine plastic"s currently off, and that"s simply basically because that the camera. However essentially, you would simply lift it up so you can obtain under. And also I"ll just kind of gain it out of the way. And also then here"s the hole that ns was talking about. So, imagine I"m lifting up the plastic, I find my hole. Okay. I"m walking to take it my ignition, I"m walk to revolve it for this reason it"s in the cranked position, and also that"s lining this slot up v the hole. I"m going to push down and then I"m going to turn this counter-clockwise and then I"m going to turn this ago a small bit and also pull this out. Let"s shot again. Crank it, press this in, twist, and pull. Let"s get the ignition cylinder in. Offer it a quite tug. Make sure it does not come out. Perfect. I"m gonna hold that down. Simply going come screw this in. Psychic you"re just screwing right into plastic, so girlfriend don"t necessarily want to go as well tight, simply bottom that out and also then provide it a wiggle. The feels great. Now, it"s time to gain the lower part on. Psychic those hooks. When we walk in, we must go in extra far, carry it up, and also then on slide it forward and lock that in. I"m simply gonna come on the outside of that, go in extra far like i said, lug it up, and then, come on, over there it is. Lock those in. All right. Let"s put in ours screws. Now, we"re going to put this in, provide it a nice push, make sure it functions. Perfect.Now it"s walking to it is in time to gain the steering wheel back on here. You just want to pay fist to this yellow wire. We"re going to placed it ideal through this slot in the steering wheel. Attract it best on through. And then we"re going to heat up the steering wheel. Together you push and twist, you"ll an alert it will finally set in and also everything must line up through the marks the are already on there. If girlfriend don"t have actually it inside wall up, it just really won"t push in until it does. So, we"ll simply kind of offer it a nice small push. That feels good. Now, we"re going to use our 21-millimeter nut, we"ll snug the up, and then we"ll talk it come 29 foot-pounds. Let"s talk this to 29 foot-pounds. Perfect. Let"s get this cable in here. Now, we"ve acquired our airbag. Want to make certain you affix it in. And also then we have the orange lock. Heard the click. Offer it a quite tug. Take your lock, on slide it ideal in. You desire to make certain that this is secured. Go up and also over the height of that, slide it as with that. Now, we"re walking to take it these. You desire your four prongs to line up v your 4 holes. Prior to we go any further, just double-check to make certain that you have this within there. This is because that the horn. And if you don"t have actually it in there, it"s not going come work. Very closely line those up. Okay. Now, I"m just going to press it in. Awesome. So, now, we"ll carefully attach our an unfavorable battery terminal here. Check it, make sure it"s nice and also snug. Now, let"s go try to begin the vehicle.So, let"s check it. Test that four-way. Four-way is good. Left, right, and, that course, turn on the headlights. High beam, I have the right to see the they"re transforming on and also off best there. That"s great.

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One critical thing, horn. Perfect.