The Honda Pilot is an all-terrain vehicle of the F segment created by the Japanese manufacturer Honda engine Co., Ltd. Because mid-2001. For this reason today, I desire to talk about resetting the oil life or maintain light on a Honda Pilot.

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If your auto has maintain items due in ~ 30 days, the maintenance Due message will appear on display. The mechanism must be reset after performed the maintenance company on your vehicle. For this reason let me present you just how to do it.

Then you need to scroll under to the MAINTENANCEPress ENTER switch to pick the menuSelect OIL LIFEPress and also hold the ENTER button until the display transforms to reset modeSelect the maintenance item you desire to reset, or friend can additionally select every Due ItemsHere’s an explanation that what the maintain minder codes mean. My automobile came up with A1, A because that the oil change, and 1 for revolve tires. I’ve done both of those so ns reset them.

With Touchscreen

In enhancement to using the technique above, girlfriend can also reset the maintenance lights v the navigation screen or audio display. Follow the procedure below if her Honda Pilot is equipped through an audio touchscreen.Turn ~ above the carPress the HOME button on the audio screenTap the SETTINGS menu on the touch screen

Tap VEHICLE menuScroll down and also select MAINTENANCE INFOTap RESETWhen a confirmation article appears, select Reset to confirmFor more details, please watch the following video:
So that’s it. The oil transforms are one of the most basic things anybody have the right to do and probably the most an important thing they can do to do a car lasts as long as possible. So make certain you change your engine oil prior to resetting the maintain system. Many thanks for reading!

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