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When ns speak English, I deserve to be quite dramatic.

I’ll it is in in a conversation saying things like

“That’s sooooooo amazing.”

“That’s incredible. Exactly how amazing!”

“How is that even possible? you freaking awesome.”

So naturally all of that passionate would deliver over to exactly how I want to speak Italian, however sometimes ns can’t uncover a word strong enough to complement what i really mean.

The solutions?

Be enthusiasm in a an ext Italian way.

Find new words.

I select both.

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About Cher

Cher began Italian with Cher (formerly The Iceberg Project) in 2012 driven by a totally irrational enthusiasm for the Italian language and also culture. She believes the every home needs a continuous supply that pecorino cheese and wine, and also at the finish of she life, desires to be known for dispersing smiles choose wildfire.

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Cher says

September 30, 2016 at 2:26 am

Ciaoo Chandrakant.