Today it developed to me the many, if not all, languages must have actually an identical to the English "awww" (number the "w"s" varies) in solution to something adorable. Am i right? What words/sounds for this do world know that in other languages? Please include details around intonation too, if it"s distinctive.posted by Mechitar to creating & Language (15 answers total) 9 users marked this together a favorite

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I"m not certain this is true even for all arrays of English. I think of that longdrawn awww as an Americanism. However having moved to the UK as an adult, without either kids or pets, I might just not have realised that has, or is comes to have, the same location in british English.In Urdu you can just to speak kitna pyara (so sweet / lovable).posted through tavegyl at 11:39 am on April 25, 2019
When ns was farming up (in the UK) we stated ahhhhhhh no awww. Ns think awww is much more common now, probably because of exposure to much more informal American speech/text ~ above the web.posted by kadia_a at 12:15 pm on April 25, 2019 <2 favorites>
In German it deserve to be rendered together oh, och, ach, oj, or hach, depending upon the paper definition (eg “aww that’s cute” versus “aww that’s too bad”). Resource 1, source 2.posted through jedicus in ~ 12:19 afternoon on April 25, 2019
Is the Japanese kawaii (rhymes v hawaii) a variation of this?posted by woman the Brown at 12:51 afternoon on April 25, 2019
In Dutch: oh, och, ach. Lot like the German, but the -ch pronounced through a "hard" g.posted through ouke at 12:52 afternoon on April 25, 2019
Seconding kawaii, though ns wouldn"t say the it rhymes v Hawaii. You have the right to hear a typical exaggerated together partway through this. It method "cute."posted by pinochiette at 1:41 pm on April 25, 2019 <2 favorites>
Hmmm. I as well think of "awww" as an extremely American. In Polish, i think I would certainly say something like "ooooh" through the very same inflection, or probably a an extremely high pitched "mmmmm".posted by M. At 1:46 afternoon on April 25, 2019
"와", pronounced wa, is an exclamation offered to to express joy and also can be provided in this context, though its more broad than "aww". Lock don"t repeat the personality the way english repeats things. (Though if you find for 와와와와 you acquire a lot of videos that cute oriental babies patting their mouth to walk wawawawa)posted through FirstMateKate at 1:56 afternoon on April 25, 2019 <4 favorites>
In Bengali "Oley" is a very common exclamation which is supplied to typical "awww". The is obtained from "O-rey" (generic expression the surprise, or phone call - really tough to translate, actually) pronounced as "oley" come imitate the method a child might say it and also sometimes might be stated in a higher pitched voice again to imitate a child. It deserve to be used on its very own or in associate with various other words. O-rey is likewise used because that the very same purpose yet not exclusively.This may not it is in true of every Bengali speakers, together there room plenty of various dialects.posted by unicorn chaser in ~ 4:14 pm on April 25, 2019
Austrian would certainly be "Moi". (eg. "Moi is des liab!" = Awww, exactly how cute!)posted by sohalt at 1:24 to be on April 26, 2019
In mandarin I can say, ai (like the English pronoun I), e.g. Ai hao ke ai, aww exactly how adorable. In Shanghai I can prefer ai ya, i beg your pardon is a an ext general exclamation of emphasis. You could say, ai ya if girlfriend drop a plate or you could say ai ya dia sa ning (this language doesn"t have an official romanization that i know, but I"m accurate saying, aww, cute enough to death a man).posted through meaty shoes puppet in ~ 3:36 am on April 26, 2019 <1 favorite>
Mandarin (Taiwan): Wa or yaaa (the a sound in the wa have the right to be short or drawn out, the a in ya is generally always drawn the end a bit). Yaaa is sometimes followed by one aspirated breath indigenous the throat at the finish (as occasionally happens through aww). Intonation wise, wa"s that either size is generally a high tone falling evenly (like who going "woo!"), and yaaa deserve to either likewise be a high tone falling evenly, or a sluggish crest and fall, similar to a greater pitched version of Owen Wilson"s "wow" or Yass Cat"s "yass", the sound of which if held long lingers at the peak.Aiya in Taiwan would more than likely be used an ext by China background/adjacent human being or older human being (some overlap in this venn diagram)(the yaaa mentioned above may it is in a shortened version of aiya, I"m not actually sure)Japanese: kawaii together mentioned over (the ii sound is attracted out favor "ee", the term of which is determined by yet long it takes come verbally express her adoration)- for any kind of age. Girls as much as younger women occasionally go "kyaaa" (like a small scream). Younger people additionally tend come say "yabai", sometimes drawing out the a sound, kinda favor "oh nooo" (this is as well cute what carry out I do)/"omggg"posted through womb of points to be and also tomb of things that to be at 8:49 to be on April 26, 2019
If you just want a sound and also not a word, a many Japanese ladies I understand will do a drawn-out sound choose "eh" (just lot longer) going progressively up in pitch and volume for anything that surprises them, therefore if you watch something cute unexpectedly, you"d go "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh?"In Swiss German, reportedly "jö" (pronounced yö) is the way to go.posted by LoonyLovegood in ~ 2:47 am on April 27, 2019 <1 favorite>
Japanese- kawaii is additionally often preceded by "uwa" (a sound attracted out). Sounds choose "wa" yet there"s a fast u sound sliding into it; just how pronounced the is counts on the human I guess.posted by womb of things to be and also tomb of points that were at 12:49 am on April 30, 2019
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