Hi everyone, that your korean teacher Jun. I’ve requested for a accuse that describes differences between 영원히 and 평생 and so many people actually voted for this tutorial on tasiilaq.net Instagram. I recognize it’s yes, really tricky and I’m pretty sure so numerous students only understand ‘영원히’ since a many songs use the word as ‘forever’. But, friend really should know much more than 영원히 means forever in Korean. So, i made this tutorial because that 영원히 vs 평생 in korean.

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There room 2 means to speak ‘forever’ in Korean, one of them is ‘영원히’. Climate what’s the other? guess: v it!

영원히 way forever together a meaning of ‘eternal time’. 영원히 is based upon a verb 영원하다 which means ‘to be eternal’. 영원하다 is usually offered for giving a speech to audience, literatures and lyrics.

This word sounds seriously poetic or formal often. To it is in honest, it’s not so easy to listen in a casual life. Sometimes, it’s provided with 사랑(love) favor 영원히 사랑해. But, that’s only an exception. Exception for loooooooove LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE.

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영원히 살고 싶어요I want to live because that eternal time

평생 an interpretation in Korean


Forever / because that my life

평생 also method forever as a definition of ‘lifetime’ in Korean. Indigenous Koreans use it as a meaning of ‘for my totality life’ also, usually in a casual sentence. Indigenous Koreans choose use 평생 much more than 영원히 in virtually conversation except you don’t typical eternal time. 평생 frequently sounds way more natural since that’s just how native Koreans speak.

평생 피자만 먹고 싶어요I want to eat just pizza forever


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