“A friend in need is a girlfriend indeed” – this and also many various other sayings illustrate the prominence of friendships approximately the world. In German we say “Freundschaft ist des Lebens Salz” (friendships are the salt that life). Have actually you ever wondered exactly how to say girlfriend in German? We’ll present you 7 various ways the saying girlfriend in German and dive deeper into the different cases in which you usage it.

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Friend in German in ~ a Glance



You might have guessed it, Freund/Freundin is the most common word come say girlfriend in German. If Freund refers to the masculine form, Freundin refers to the female form. Freund/Freundin explains a near friendly partnership with the person.

Be careful, Freund/Freundin can likewise mean friend or girlfriend. This is most frequently the instance when the accompanied by the pronoun mein. Mein Freund/meine Freundin can also mean my boyfriend/girlfriend. To prevent confusion, use ein Freund for male and eine Freundin because that a female. It simply method “a friend” and it will be clear you’re just referring to a platonic friend.


Kumpel , a gender-neutral indigenous to describe a girlfriend or a pal, is offered in informal contexts. It defines a relationship simply as close together Freund/Freundin yet is most often used amongst a younger male demographic.


Bruder in German method brother, yet it is likewise a means of referring to a near friend. It is used in casual context and generally amongst young people. That is only used in between boys and men.


The word Kollege can both mean friend in the same method that Kumpel does or it have the right to mean your actual job-related colleague. Friend will understand through the context of the conversation whether the human refers come a girlfriend or a job-related colleague.


Young Germans use change to refer to their friends and acquaintances in an extremely casual settings. It’s German slang offered in a similar means you would use median mate, dude, or bro. It’s very colloquial and usually only used by younger people.


A Bekannter/Bekannte is merely an acquaintance through whom girlfriend don’t have much the a partnership at all.


A Fremder/Fremde is an yes, really stranger. Once you have never met someone before, usage Fremde/Fremder, as soon as you have seen someone prior to but haven’t established a relationship, use Bekannte/Bekannter.

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How to say my friend in German?

The literal translation because that my friend in German is mein Freund for a male and meine Freundin for a female. However as us mentioned, it is usually meant to refer to a romantic companion like a friend or girlfriend. Girlfriend.

There space a couple of ways to introduce your platonic friend to a group of people, without there being any type of awkward misunderstandings. The most foolproof method is to include say eine Freundin Von Mir, which translates to “a girlfriend of mine”.

Levels of Friendship in German

Not all friends space equally close come us, and also the complying with German adjective can aid you classify her friends indigenous acquaintances to bosom bodies.

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Ein guter Freund/eine gute Freundin A good friend
Ein bester Freund/eine beste Freundin A best friend
Ein enger Freund/eine enge Freundin A close friend
Ein dicker Freund/eine dicke Freundin A great friend
Ein change Freund/eine alte Freundin An old friend
Ein besonderer Freund/eine besondere Freundin A special friend


Freund is the most typical word because that saying girlfriend in German and also when you are unsure around the formality that the situation, that is your go-to expression. Spice it increase by making use of a funny adjective to further describe the relationship. Most people would agree that Germans aren’t the easiest world to befriend, they aren’t together warm and chatty as others yet once you have actually a German friend, they space in her life to stay.