Naively, both (monoteistic and pagan) would certainly be "der Gott". In Russian language the God and also a god are likewise often discrimitated by capitalisation. How does it walk in

Answers to the related concern Where don't we use an post with God rental both instances in examples, yet do not specifically deal with the difference.

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In, the very same word, namely Gott, is offered for gods that you believe in and also those the you carry out not think in. However, a Christian will also use Gott together a surname without write-up when introduce to his god, while making use of an indefinite short article or point out the exact god the he is talking about when talking about other gods.


Try, because that instance, for god and also бог


For any kind of noun shall be capitalized. Not to be puzzled with



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exactly how would one speak 'I fixed the Dirac equation.', and 'You fixed the Dirac equation?'?

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