There are tons of fun Guatemalan indigenous to find out in Together a Guatemalan, ns know and use them all the time.

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Guatemala is complete of wonder and magic, and its language is alive in that is people and also traditions.

Now, let’s take a deep dive into Guatemalan words and also culture. The a fun means to get to recognize Guatemala far better so the you can pertained to visit and also fit ideal in.

What renders Guatemala Special

The previous territory that the Maya, Guatemala is a central American gem complete of natural beauty and also touristic attractions. Follow to the UNWTO, (the united Nations’ people tourism organization), the country received 2.56 million global tourists in 2019.

The local civilization of Guatemala space sweet and also welcoming. They in reality go out of their way to help you out, particularly if they view that you’re no from here. They love tourists and enjoy share what they understand with those who are curious.

Guatemala’s colorful and also elaborate handwoven textiles are famous worldwide. Castle come in different shapes and also colors, and also you can discover them throughout the country. The various villages have unique patterns and also colors, and they all catch your eye. The colonial architecture in Antigua Guatemala renders it a it s as beautiful as picture town complete of wonder.

Ancient Mayan world is in ~ Guatemala’s core. You deserve to visit damages from the Mayan civilization, prefer Tikal (the most well known tourist website in the country). The astonishing what they were qualified of achieve with minimal resources. Many think they developed their very own astrology and also were advanced astronomers, engineers, and architects. Mayan teachings and also rituals live ~ above to now in Guatemala.

It might seem exotic and remote but Guatemala isn’t much from phibìc America. It’s basic to fly to from the U.S. Or Canada.


What is Slang?

According to, “slang is a very informal consumption in vocabulary and idiom the is characteristically much more metaphorical, playful, elliptical, vivid, and ephemeral than ordinary language.”

It’s usual to uncover slang in any type of country. Today, we’ll learn 20 Guatemalan indigenous to broaden your slang vocabulary.

20 Guatemalan indigenous You should Know

These Guatemalan words and also slang will not just make friend sound cool yet also assist you obtain around!

1. Chapín / Chapina

This is the unofficially word for a human from Guatemala. Guatemalteco is the official term, yet people in Guatemala think about themselves chapines. Chapín is a masculine from Guatemala, and chapina is a female.

Soy chapina y estoy orgullosa de ello.I’m a Guatemalan and proud the it.

2. ¡Aguas!

If you’re reasoning that agua is water, you right. But when it involves Guatemalan words and also slang, it means “look out!” This ax is used throughout main America and Mexico.

¡Aguas con el tráfico! Es peligroso manejar tan rápido.Careful with traffic! it’s dangerous to drive so fast.

3. Pisto

This is slang because that money. Once someone says they’re broke, lock usually refer to it together pisto. It refers to cash and a friend may ask to borrow pisto when they don’t have enough.

No tengo pisto hasta que me paguen. I don’t have any kind of cash till I acquire paid.

4. Clavo

This is a nail, but when it concerns Guatemalan words, it is commonly used come declare that you have actually a serious problem. You will do it hear the in different contexts and also scenarios, as the expression uses to any type of kind of problem.

Tengo un gran clavo con mi familia. I have actually a huge problem v my family.

5. Burro / burra

This is a casual means to call someone that they’re dumb but just joking around. It’s not really an humiliation but an ext a term of endearment.

No seas burra, no cometiste un error.Don’t be dumb, girlfriend didn’t do a mistake.

6. Boquitas

This is a Guatemalan word because that snack. The literal meaning translation is small mouth but it’s all about eating other light prior to lunch or dinner. I usage this one every the time, and also I love boquitas! They’re as with tapas in Spain; little portions but delicious.

Podemos comer unas boquitas mientras vemos Netflix. We can eat some snacks while we watch Netflix.


7. Bochinche

This expression refers to chaos or disorder caused by crowds. It’s normally noisy and also can also be a to win or a riot. A bochinche is a team of civilization making noise for a reason or cause.

Cuando salí de mi casa, había un bochinche en la calle. When i left home, there was a riot in the streets.

8. Canche

Guatemalans space expressive, and they love come give civilization nicknames. It’s typical for a nickname to be based on your appearance. Canche method blonde and also it’s a usual nickname and also term that endearment used in Guatemala.

Como me gusta ese canche.I really like that blonde guy.

9. Casaca

This is one of my favourite Guatemalan words. It involves charming who you like, even if you have to lie a little. When someone really wants to gain close to you and get her attention, they usage casaca.

La casaca que le dijo funcionó y ahora kid novios. The charm he offered on she worked, and now they’re dating.

10. Chilero/a

Of every the Guatemalan words that we’ve learned, this is the spiciest. The is obtained from chile i beg your pardon is a warm pepper in Guatemala and also you use it to median “awesome!”

¡Que chilera tu bolsa!Your purse is awesome!

11. Chispudo/a

Chispa means spark. So, if who calls friend chispudo or chispuda, it means you have a spark and also you’re sharp. It’s definitely a compliment.

Maria es chispuda y sabe todas las respuestas. Maria is sharp and knows every the answers.

12. Chivas

This ax is supplied to describe all your things. The informal and also used in a colloquial way. It’s supplied as “stuff.”

Dejaste tus chivas en mi carro.You left your stuff in mine car.

13. Chucho/a

This word refers to a stray dog. However it can also be used as one adjective for someone that is greedy and cheap.

Mi papá es un chucho y nunca me da dinero. My dad is cheap and also never gives me money.

14. Camioneta

The chicken buses in Guatemala are epic. They are old college buses that have actually been remodeled right into public buses. This are known as camionetas and riding one is fairly an experience.

Tuve que tomar la camioneta que va a la ciudad. I had to take the chicken bus the goes to the city.


15. Patojo/a

This word means kid or child. It’s stated in a loving and also fun way.

Hay unos patojos jugando al fútbol en la calle. There space some kids playing soccer on the street.

16. Peluche

It means to relax and also do certain nothing. Peluche is a polite method to say that you’ve been completely unproductive.

Esta semana estoy muy cansada y the estado de peluche. This week i have been tired so I’ve simply rested.

17. ¡Sanigua!

It method “wow!” You deserve to use it to encourage someone when they execute something cool or come make funny of them since they’re do the efforts to be cool.

¡Sanigua! ¿Es nueva esa falta? Me gusta

Wow! Is that skirt new? I favor it.

18. ¡Sho!

I had actually to incorporate this one since it’s so typical to hear and use in Guatemala. I have to admit, I use it. The a colloquial means to say “be quiet!”, “listen here!”, or also “shut up!”

It’s not really rude because you only use it v close friends. Be cautious not to use this with elders or government figures, together it wouldn’t be appropriate.

¡Sho! Necesito silencio para concentrarme. Hey, listen here, I require silence to concentrate.

19. Shute

When who is exceptionally nosy and also they want to recognize everything about everyone, they space shutes. That a playful means to call out ~ above someone who intruding in her life.

No seas shute, mi vida privada es privada. Don’t it is in nosy, my exclusive life is private.

20. Caite

This is slang for really comfortable sandal-like shoe. It’s also what many indigenous human being wear.

El niño llevaba puestos sus caites nuevos. The young was attract his brand-new casual sandals.

Why discover Slang?

First the all, is spoken by over 572 million people, and it’s the main language of much more than 20 countries. Every country has its very own slang.

Learning a language has actually challenges, and also learning the slang deserve to be even more challenging. However it’s likewise a fun and interesting method to learn more about the language and also culture.

Adding Guatemalan words to your vocabulary will certainly make her richer. What various other slang words perform you know and like to use? Let us understand in a comment.

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