The situation is that I"ve expressed that I like Sushi, and then want to proceed and define why that is, describing sushi as delicious and healthy. Something along the lines of:


Now I do not think ヘルシー or 元気 are most likely the right selections here. It is also, that the fish itself is not healthy and balanced (it"s typically just pretty dead once eating it), but it"s great for the one eating the fish, that will certainly acquire the health benefits.

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This can be a trivial translation, yet I"d be interested to check out how I might uncover the correct answer myself, as a dictionary search on jisho showed me interesting new vocabulary, however not fairly what I was trying to find.



The word you"re in search of is 体にいい (literally: excellent for your body in other words healthy and balanced healthful).

寿司は美味しいし体にもいいからかなり好きよ。 Sushi is delicious and also it"s also excellent for your health. I fairly like it, you understand.

I would certainly not vouch for the naturalness of my example sentence however that"s the principle.



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