Spoken in the state of Andhra Pradesh in south India, Telugu is known as a classical language. It is the 3rd most talked language in India. The Telugu language has contributed tremendously come the famous Carnatic music legacy of India. There room over 45 million civilization in Andhra Pradesh who speak Telugu. Besides, there room many an ext millions outside the state and also country, that speak Telugu.

It is worthwhile understanding some the the an easy phrases in Telugu.

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I --- Nenu
You --- Nuvvu, meeru (with respect)
Your --- Needi
He --- Atanu
She --- Aame
It --- Adi

Hello --- Vandanalu
How room you? --- Neevu ela unnaavu?
I am fine --- Nenu kshemamgaa unnaanu
Good Night --- subha rathrilu
Thank girlfriend --- Dandalu

Father --- Naanna
Mothe --- Amma
Husband --- Mogadu
Wife --- Pellamu
Sister --- Sodari, sahodari
Elder sister --- Akkayya,akka
Younger sister --- Chella, chelli
Brother --- Sodarudu
Younger brother --- Tammudu
Elder brother --- Anna
Daughter --- Kuuturu, putrika
Friend --- Snehithudu

Come --- Ra
Go --- Vellu
Came --- Vachaaru
Speak --- Maatalaadu
See --- Chuudu
Hear --- Vinu
Take --- Theeskonda
Far --- Duuramu
Near --- Daggara
Travel --- Prayaanamu
Home --- Illu
Yesterday --- Ayer
Today --- Ee roju
Tomorrow --- Repu
Morning --- Pagalu
Night --- Rathri
Afternoon --- Madhyaahnam
Sleep --- Nidra
Time --- Samayamu
Food --- Bhojanam

1 --- Oka, okati
2 --- Rendu
3 --- Muudu
4 --- Naalugu
5 --- Aidu
6 --- Aaru
7 --- Edu
8 --- Enimidi
9 --- Tommidi
10 --- Padi

Common phrases
What is your name? --- Mee peru emanti?
Where room you from? --- Meeru yaavuru?
Did you have actually your lunch? --- Neevu bojhanam chesava?
Please come home --- Ma intiki meeru raavali
Please take your seat --- Mee jaagala kookkondra
I will check out you again --- Malli kaluddaam

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