A repertoire of beneficial phrases in the Guam dialect of Chamorro, an Austronesian language spoken mainly ~ above the island that Guam, and also in the Marianas Islands.

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Key to abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal

EnglishChamoru(Guam dialect)
Welcome Bien binidu Buen binidu
Hello (General greeting) Håfa ådaiBuenas
How are you? Håfa tatamanu hao? (frm) Kao mamaolek ha' hao? (inf)
Reply to 'How space you?' Maolek ha yuTodo maolek
Long time no see Åpmam tiempo ti hu li'e hao (It's a lengthy time because I've watched you) Åpmam tiempo ti umali'e' fight (It's a lengthy time due to the fact that we've seen each other)
What's her name? Håyi nå'ån-mu?
My name is ... Nå'ån-hu si ...
Where space you from? Taotao månu hao?
I'm native ... Taotao ... Yo'
Pleased to satisfy you Magof yo' sa' umali'e' hit(not commonly used)
Good morning (Morning greeting) Buenas dias Buenas dihas
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) Buenas tåtdes
Good night (Evening greeting) Buenas noches
Goodbye (Parting phrases) Ådios Esta Åsta (inf)
Good luck! Buena suette
Cheers! good Health! (Toasts offered when drinking) Biba!
Have a pretty day Puedi ha' todu maolek (not frequently used)
Bon appetit / have a pretty meal Ta fañocho (let's eat)
Bon voyage / have actually a great journey Buen biåhe
I understand Hu po komprede
I don't understand Ti hu komprende
Please speak an ext slowly Pot fabot kuentos ladespasio
Please write it down Pot fabot tuge' pan påpa'
Do friend speak Chamorro? Kao siña hao fumino'Chamoru?
Yes, a little(reply come 'Do friend speak ...?') Hunggan, didide' ha' Ha'a, didide' ha'
How do you say ... In Chamorro? Håfataimanu un sångan ... Gi fino'Chamoru? Håftaimanu un sångan ... Gi fino'Chamoru? Taimanu un sångan ... Gi fino'Chamoru?
Excuse me Dispensa yo'
How lot is this? Kuånto båli-ña este?
Sorry Dispensa yo'
Thank you Si Yu'us Må'åse' (God have actually mercy)
Reply to say thanks to you Buen probechu
Where's the toilet / bathroom? Månu na gaige i kemmon? Mångge i kemmon?
This gentleman/lady will certainly pay for everything Para guiya u åpåsi todu
Would you choose to dance with me? Kao malago' hao bumaila yan guåhu?
I love you Hu guiaya hao
Get well soon Puedi homlo' hao ti åpmam Ohala homlo' hao ti åpmam
Leave me alone! Sotta yo'! (Release me!) Ritira hao! (Begone!) Litira hao! (Begone!) Båsta må'estotba yo'! (Stop bothering/pestering me!) Båsta må'åtbarota yo'! (Stop bothering/pestering me!)
Help! Ayuda!
Fire! Guafe!
Stop! Båsta! Påra!
Call the police! Ågang ns polisia!
Christmas greetings Felis Nåbidåt Felis Påsgua
New Year greetings Magof na Åñu Nuebu Magof na Åñu Nuebu
Easter greetings Felis Påsgua
Birthday greetings Felis Kumpliåños Biba Kumpliåños
One language is never enough Ni ngai'an nahong un linguåhe
My hovercraft is full of eels Bula hasuli eyo-ku hovercraft Bula titugi eyo-ku hovercraft

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