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How to say maybe in Korean: Amado

Learning korean for take trip or study? Let’s shot this term:

To say probably in Korean: AmadoSay it the end loud: “Ah Ma Do

You deserve to learn exactly how to to speak maybe and also over 220 other travel-friendly words and also phrases v our inexpensive, easy-to-use oriental language cheat sheets. We can help you do your next trip to one more country even more fun and also immersive. Click below!

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Some an ext helpful indigenous in our oriental Courtesy/Questions category:

...the bathroom – ...Hwajangsil (…Hwa Jang Shil)come v me – Iri Oseyo. (Ee Ri five Se Yo.)do you speak english? – Yeongeo Hal Jul Aseyo? (Young Uh Hal Jool Ah Se Yo?)excellent – Aju Johayo. (Ah Joo Jo Ah Yo.)excuse me – Sillyehapnida. (Shil Le Ham Ni Da.)excuse me (to acquire past) – Jamsimanyo. (Jam Shi guy Yo.)good / negative – Johayo. / Nappayo. (Jo Ah Yo. / Na Bba Yo.)how perform you say…? – …Ga Mwoyeyo? (…Ga Mo Ae Yo?)how much is this? – Igeoneun Eolmayeyo? (Ee walk Nun Uhl Ma Ae Yo?)maybe – Amado (Ah Ma Do)no difficulty – Gwaenchanhayo. (Gwen Chan Ah Yo.)please – Butakhaeyo. (Boo Taak Hae Yo.)sorry – Mianhapnida. (Mi an Ham Ni Da.)thank you – Gamsahapnida. (Gam Sa Ham Ni Da.)thanks – Gomawoyo. (Go Ma Wo Yo.)what is that? – Jeogeoneun Mwoyeyo? (Jo walk Nun Mo Ae Yo?)where is… – …Ga Eodiipnikka? (…Ga Uh Dee ns Ni Ka?)yes / no – Ne / Aniyo (Ne / Ah Nee Yo.)you room welcome – Cheonmaneyo. (Chun male Ae Yo.)

And here’s how to say perhaps in various other languages!

Arabic–Robbama (rob ba ma)Chinese–Yǒu Kěnéng (Yo Kuh Nuhng)Croatian–možda (moash duh)Czech–možná (moez nahh)Finnish–ehkä (eh kah)French–Peut-être (puh tet huh)German–vielleicht (vill eyesht)Italian–forse (for seh)Japanese–Tabunn (Tah Bunn)Korean–Amado (Ah Ma Do)Polish–może (mo" zheh)Portuguese–Pode Ser (po jee sehr)Russian–mozhet byt" (moh zhet byt)Spanish–tal vez (tahl vays)Swahili–pengine (pen gee" nay)Thai–Na Cha Dai (NAH ja DAI)Turkish–belki (bell kee)Vietnamese–Có Thể (Caw Te)

In every culture, courtesy goes a long means in eliciting the assist that you need in your take trip adventure. "maybe" (Amado) is another courtesy phrase amongst many that you deserve to learn in Korean.

Get instant accessibility to the korean Language set and learn an ext of this courtesy phrases.

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