Muslim (384).

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This post will assist introduce you come the different methods of sending out salutations upon the best man to have ever lived, Prophet Muḥammad (Peace it is in upon him), along with some the the complications that occur as result of intricacies of computers. The article will not discuss the worry from a fiqh perspective together there are already many great articles regarding it, for example, by


Sending salutations top top the Prophet (Peace be upon him) is an important act of praise which is, unfortunately, excellent half-heartedly once it involves writing in this age. The short article takes the following into consideration,

Salutations ~ above the Prophet (Peace be upon him) need to be done in full at every times, whether in Arabic or English. ‘(Pbuh)’, ‘(ṣ)” or ‘(saw)” and also all its variants are unacceptable.

Convenience. Salutations top top the Prophet have to be made convenient for the user. In spite of the arrival of computers and word processors, you will still find people who find it difficult to send salutions ~ above the Prophet (Peace it is in upon him) in full.

Consistency. Methods presented for sending out salutations should aid avoid typos and allow its semantics to be dealth with independently (you’ll recognize this far better in one of the following sections).

English or Arabic?

For those who have only ever before used native processor software program to placed thoughts come paper/file/screen will certainly think that this is most likely a personal preference. Others, however, are mindful of the restrictions of certain files/methods and also may be in ~ times compelled to type in English (or any other Latin based character set) even if their choice is Arabic. This and related worries will be disputed in this section.

Fonts consists of many personalities from different alphabets of different languages. To obtain an idea that what this means, if top top a home windows machine, open the application referred to as ‘Character Map’. Browse through few of the typical fonts and you’ll realize the amount of initiative required to produce a solitary font.


character Map

Fonts covers letters, distinct characters, join characters, space, ligatures, and even fleurons in ~ times. Every character in a font is represented by an deal with with i beg your pardon programs have the right to realize the difference between say, Greek v and also the English v. Fonts which incorporate support for different languages room usually stood for using the UTF-8 system, a sort of subset of Unicode. Addresses in this mechanism are stood for as U+XXXX whereby XXXX is a set of hexadecimal digits.

The Arabic language has constantly been attached come Islam and many conventions have now end up being a trademark the the language which even disbelievers learn, such together the Salām (greeting). You will be pleased to understand that some have even moved right into fonts as individual characters. Few of these room presented together follows, courtesy of Wikipedia.


part Arabic symbols and also their Unicode addresses

The character of concern here is the “Peace be upon him” symbol the occurs at the deal with U+FDFA. To see this in action, if top top a Windows an equipment with at the very least Microsoft Office 2013, open up a new blank document. Then form in the address of the forced symbol, U+FDFA in this case. When you’re done, before you move the cursor almost everywhere else or form space, push ALT + X and your password should automatically switch to the respective symbol. This is demonstrated together follows,


typing Salawāt price in Microsoft native 2013

Please note that every fonts do not have actually support because that this symbol. However, most of the famous fonts do, so it need to not posture a problem.


Now that us know how to enter the salutations price in at the very least Microsoft indigenous 2013, let’s see exactly how we can automate the procedure since the procedure is cumbersome if friend have countless instances come type. This ar will cover instructions because that a Microsoft Windows setting as this is the system I have. The complying with are some of the means some sort of automation might be achieved,

The following shows intake on Facebook’s website which uses an AutoHotkey manuscript I’ve created for myself.

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facebook input


It has come to be easier than ever to send salutations ~ above the Prophet (Peace be upon him). All it takes is some time come understand just how fonts work and also to gain acquainted with the approaches that enable one to properly input (or expand) text. Ns hope this short arrival is enough to encourage you to send appropriate salutations ~ above the Prophet (Peace it is in upon him) together opposed come the ‘saw’, ‘pbuh’, ‘ṣ’, and ’s’ that have become prevalent in digital text.