Toshiba Satellite laptops are the most renowned product from the brand throughout the world. It attributes very similarly to other computers and laptops together you browse, save, edit, carry information, data processing, watch movies, songs, play games and more. If you desire to take a screenshot of any type of of the amazing moments on her Toshiba laptop, the is nice simple. As the Toshiba laptop operation on the home windows 10 OS, the process is no different from any type of Windows system. There are multiple methods to take it a screenshot on a Toshiba laptop and also lets us talk about each among them in brief.

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Take Screenshot using key-board Shortcuts

#1: open up the screen you want to record on her Toshiba laptop.

#2: press the Windows key and Prtsc key simultaneously.

Alternative ways: Instead, you deserve to use Fn key + windows Key + PrtSc key to take it a screenshot.


#3: Instantly your active display is captured and automatically conserved to screenshots under an equipment Pictures folder.


The above keyboard combination will screenshot the entire display of Windows. If you desire to record the wanted area that the screen,

#1: Press Fn+ PrtSc keys at the same time and also drag your computer mouse pointer to select the portion of the screen.

#2: then you deserve to save the screenshot to the preferred folder of your device.

Take Screenshot Using clipping Tool

Snipping tool is simple screenshot utility that allows you catch the entire display screen or a selected area the the screen.

#1: Click the Start button and form snipping device in the search box.

#2: then click the snipping Tool indigenous the find suggestion.


#3: now click the New option and then click the Mode drop down to choose the snip type.


#4: after that select the area of the screen and also click save snip switch to save you screenshot in preferred folder on her laptop.

If you want to copy the screenshot instead of saving, click Copy and also it will copy the screenshot to the clipboard.

Take Screenshot Using repaint

Paint is a pre-installed software on every Windows tools including Toshiba laptops. You can use this function to catch the laptop screen.

#1:Open the screen that you want to capture.

#2: following click the Start button and also navigate come search field.

#3: find for Paint and also select the Paint application from search result.


#4: press the PrtSc keyboard crucial to capture the whole screen and the taken screenshot will certainly be saved to Clipboard.

#5: currently go to paint app and also paste (Ctrl+V) the screenshot. Here you are allowed to edit your screenshot the method you want.

#6: ultimately click save icon and choose the location to save your screenshot.

Take a Screenshot top top a Toshiba utilizing Snagit

Snagit is a an effective screenshot software application which is built-in with a many editing options to use. To get this application on her Toshiba laptop, you need to yet it i beg your pardon is priced in ~ $49.95.

#1: Download and download the Snagit on your Toshiba laptop.

#2: launch the app and sign in with Snagit.

#3: now open the display screen that you desire to capture.

#4: following click the Snagit Capture button (Red color).


#5: Click and drag the screen to select the portion you want to capture.

#6: then click the Camera button to catch the selected area and automatically your screenshot will show up on Snagit editing and enhancing page.

#7: after ~ the editing is done, click save button to conserve the screenshot in your Toshiba laptop.

To conclude

These are the assured methods to capture the totality or selected area the the Toshiba Laptop screen. You have to select the trouble cost-free method to screenshot on actual time. As soon as you capture the screen, it will be saved as picture (PNG, JPEG or any type of other format). Take it a screenshot utilizing the keyboard combinations is the direct technique to capture and save your screenshot instantly. Snipping Tool and Paint space the free methods will permits you to edit the screenshot once prior to saving.

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