Layer Panel
The layer dashboard controls layer an option and some settings for each layer.+/-Paints Effect (show/hide through clicking)TextureYou can choose layer texture favor canvas paper.To manage affection lot you can use the slider listed below this.EffectYou can pick layer effects like creative materials, currently only "Fringe" effect is supported.To manage affection quantity you can use the slider below this.

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effectThis effect make fringe on sheet of opacity choose watercolor paintings.Example intake : 1. Create layerset prefer below ← v texture (watercolor, drawing record etc.) ← main point mode, with Fringe effect 2. Attract to v brush or water shade tool.- pick brush edge form on best edge (harder shape)- choose density as around 100- set blending and dilution around 50 and collection presistence around 80This setting looks much more likely.3. Combine to by carry down command.Repeat step 2 & 3 provides like watercolor paint effect, please adjust parameters suiting her favorite.
Notice for utilizing Texture & Effect options : If the layer v texture or effect choices is combined, texture and also effect will directly painted to linked layer.These options is directly painted come layer pixels in PSD export.Texture on layer collection is no exported come PSD format.ModeSet layer ingredient mode.
ModeEffectPSD Import/Export
NormalNormal ingredient modeΟ Normal
MultiplyComposition mode with smaller sized RGB value affect an ext darken result.Ο Multiply
ScreenComposition mode with bigger RGB value affect much more lighten result.Ο Screen
LuminosityComposition setting with larger RGB worth affect more lighten result, this effect is comparable to linear dodge setting in Photoshop, however coloring affect an ext strongly in this mode.Δ direct Dodge
ShadeComposition setting with smaller sized RGB value affect much more shadowing result.Δ linear Burn
OverlayIf the RGB worths are larger than 50% this influence as screen, and if the RGB values are smaller than 50% this influence as multiply composition mode. If the RGB worths are simply (50%, 50%, 50%) the composition result is same as common composition mode.Ο Overlay
Lumi & ShadeIf the RGB worths are bigger than 50% this influence as luminosity, and if the RGB values are smaller than 50% this affect as shade composition mode. If the RGB worths are just (50%, 50%, 50%) the composition an outcome looks nothing.Δ straight Light
Binary ColorEach RGB worths are translated to binary color, layer opacity is supplied as thresold for binary translation.× Normal
Note because that compatibility.
ΟPSD import/export through written mode, you can gain same result.
ΔPSD import/export v written mode, but an outcome will be a bit different from original image.
×No compatibility in PSD import/export, the an outcome is various from original image.

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This controls class opacity v slider.Preserve OpacityToggles keeping or not each pixel"s opacity in brush / fill tools.Clipping GroupSet the class is clipped by under layer"s opacity.Selection SourceSet the layer as an option source for Bucket and Magic Wand tools.Layer ListThe an ar of bottom the this dashboard is layer list, friend can select working layer in this list, and this panel carry out short reduced buttons for layer production etc.The eye icon toggles every layer is visible/invisible.You can set layers together moving team with click the box below eye icon, red pin icon shows moving group is enabled, moving and revolution and filtering present layer affect moving team layer too.Mouse operations for layer list
Clicking great thumbnailLayer editting mode (only when layer has layer mask)
Clicking great mask thumbnailLayer mask editting mode (only once layer has actually layer mask)
Double clickingChange great name
Ctrl + clicking thumbnailCreate choice by class opacity
Shift + Ctrl + click thumbnailAdd selection by class opacity
Ctrl + Alt + click thumbnailSubtract selection by great opacity
Shift + Ctrl + Alt + clicking thumbnailCreate an option by intersection of layer opacity and current selection
Ctrl + click eye iconMark layer together target because that shortcut regulates "Show/Hide significant Parent layer Set" and also "Show significant Parent Layer collection Lone"
Alt + click eye iconShow just selected layer lone
Dragging eye iconBulk selection for show/hide layer
Dragging pin iconBulk an option for moving group
Shortcut buttons on great listA
Create brand-new normal layer
BCreate brand-new linework layer
CCreate new layer set
Create layer mask
GTransfer down
HMerge down
IClear layer
JDelete layer
KMerge under layer and also mask individually
LApply class mask

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