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Ok i am walk to give the easy means to properly do the time on a 1999 - 2004 Mustang 4.6L 2 valve V-8. Yes lets obtain started people. Ns am act this create up because I understand how hard it is for human being to do it as soon as they don"t understand how and also it appears to it is in a never finishing search so here is for all my other Mustang bros and sisters.First action you want to perform is take turn off the 2 valve consist of - there is 11 bolts full on every one and also the dimension is 8mm deep socket and a 13mm for only one bolt. Take the end your bolts and remember where each one go so the you deserve to put the exploit clips earlier on the studs as soon as you room finished. 2nd step. Release the belt tensioner and remove the serpentine belt. And take off the alternator and also idler pullys and balancer.third step remove the prior cover bolts. Friend will need a 13mm 10mm and a 17mm if ns remember correct. Be certain you mark where all of the bolts came out from. Over there is also four 10mm bolts on the bottom the the cover whereby the oil pan meets the prior cover take those out as well. Be an extremely careful once you eliminate the prior cover as it sits on 2 dowl pins. Use a flat screw driver come pry it away from the block.fourh step you will need to rotate the crank so the it is at tdc (top dead center definition piston 1 is every the means up this is the passenger side head cylinder all the means in the front) there is a heat in the crank gear and also that is you time mark and also then there is a keyway ~ above that equipment as well. You want the timing note to be encountering straight under at 6 o clock and the vital way must be in ~ 10 o clock. It need to pretty much say 10:30. Fifth step now that the motor is at tdc you will want to take your 10mm and also loosen the tensioners and also be certain to mental what one goes where. The one v the l goes on financial institution 2 cylinder head on the driver side and also the one v the R go on the passenger next cylinder head financial institution 1. Pretty straightforward but right here is what you do. As soon as you got those loose slowly eliminate them. The cams may move a small bit however thats top top no sweat.sixth step now that we obtained the tensioners off you have the right to remove the 2 timing chains. As soon as removed you want to clean them up and also lay them flat out. Stretch them the end so that the two finish links are encountering the opposite native the remainder of the links. Do this on both chains, and also mark the two end links top top both chain (total the 2 clues on each chain)seventh step now you gained the compress the tensioners. Take a allen key and stick the in the wratcheting mechanism and also take a vise and also press the tensioners every the means down so the they are fully pressed in and also take an additional allen key to lock castle in the tiny hole on the bottom. Eighth step now put girlfriend tensioners earlier on with them locked and also then put your time chains ~ above be certain to make sure that the clues on each chain heat up through the period on the electronic came shaft gear and the heat on the bottom that the crank gear. Once you have marks every aligned you want to make sure all of the chain slack is on the tensioner side so that when you relax them it only take the loosened slack out of the chains.ninth step currently that the marks are all aligned and you are sure of that and also the slack is on the tensioner next you have the right to pull the 2 allen keys out that the tensioners. Make sure they totally lock so just push the guids approximately make certain they are tight. Tenth step now that you have the time all set and the marks room all good and tensioners room all chop you space going to slowly rotate the engine by the crank and also check for any kind of ptv (piton come vavle issues) if over there is you messed up and redo the entire thing over. Ok now if friend are great and whatever turns over fine you have to be good. Currently remember the point out are never ever going to line back up again where they were so you space going to desire to inspect it prefer this come make certain you are not turn off a tooth due to the fact that you have the right to be and also now know it. The vehicle will even run if that is off a tooth however you will certainly be down on power. They method to examine is favor this revolve the engine over about 5 or 6 times and also put in earlier at tdc. Counting from the time marks top top the crank and also the cams. You room going to count the links. Say the mark you make on the chain is 4 web links from the mark on the crank. Examine the cams come make sure that web links you painted are four links indigenous each note on the cam gears. If they are then you are all good and prepared to switch the motor earlier up. Ns hope this aid people.

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Mike.Also the chain must look part thing choose this <>=======<> when it is layed out the 2 rectangle feather things room the two finish links on the chain those space the people you desire to paint.Now you can reverse the disassembley and also reassemble the engine and happy wrenching people. :rockwoot: