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(especially in Spanish-speaking communities) a decorated figure of an animal containing toys and candy that is suspended native a height and also broken open up by blindfolded children as component of a celebration.

‘The messiest that the activities on offer was the production of piñatas utilizing papier-mache and brightly coloured paint.’

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‘Top college of Arizona administrators and also astronomers commemorated this legislative end run by cram a party, the centerpiece that which was a papier-mâché piñata in the form of a mountain Graham red squirrel.’‘We checked out a party with 2 impressive grind main point bands, Dread Knox and also Cowboy Killas, a bar v $200 of complimentary liquor, 4 kegs and a piñata stuffed v candy and also condoms.’‘They space not piñatas or Christmas crackers - they space jack-in-the-boxes the death.’‘I to be still the one who stayed on the sidelines while anyone else dove in for the liquid after the piñata broke.’‘The tiny spot is a festive clutter of petite piñatas, garlands that chili pepper lights and record cutouts, huge windows decorated with a spinning police light, cacti and also a coffin.’‘Cinco de mayo is commemorated with the ceremonial burn of a piñata in the shape of King George, i m sorry is referred to as ‘the Guy.’’‘The evening closed through an innovation, the smashing of a haggis piñata, which thankfully had candy rather than soil lamb"s meat.’‘People prefer Norma and Allen, who are trying to do a go of a small shop offering flowers and piñatas close to the san Fernando Cemetery, in one of San Antonio"s poorest areas.’‘In increasingly Hispanic South central L.A., small bodegas offering milk, diapers, and also piñatas space replacing liquor stores.’‘By now many of my readers have actually seen the snapshot of the young illegal immigrant girl who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border if hiding inside a piñata.’‘Party officials brought a solitary Winnie the Pooh piñata to tempt local family members out from their dirt-floored shacks.’‘Wood panelling present the walls, and bright-coloured decorations abound, including one particularly large and intimidating parrot piñata.’‘Finally, Charles, Xiayou, and Ashley and also Bob, joined in the festivities, consisting of smacking down a piñata.’‘‘Officers started to take it the piñatas out of the ago seat, and also one appeared to be much heavier 보다 the others,’ said Vince Bond, a spokesman because that U.S. Customizeds & Border Protection.’‘Lieberman didn"t have any big ideas for united state to perform in art course so she offered us some balloons, some plaster, and some paint and told united state to do piñatas.’‘Dodging bullets as they rained down v the streamers and also piñatas, following the volley of shots that substituted bells.’‘They navigate the Ferris wheel and also the merry-go-round and also play gamings along the way to collect enough tickets to victory the piñata.’‘And if girlfriend behave yourself, I have a piñata ns bought the is in the car, I will certainly let friend demolish it.’‘The whiskey and also stew to be in numerous supply and Paddy"s two-year-old son Dylan to be bashing a handmade Union Jack piñata with a shillelagh.’