In Sims 2 you could make Elixir of Life to stop Sims from aging. Is tbelow any kind of means to carry out this in Sims 3?



Making a Sim "Younger"

Life Fruit

You can mitigate a Sim"s age by a solitary day by eating a raw Life Fruit. However, they deserve to only be planted by a level 7 Gardener and also the "Unknown Special Seeds" or "Life Seeds" are only obtainable under particular circumstances:

Sims can receive the seed by looking the town, as a scientific research career reward, by trying out the catacombs in a mausoleum, fishing it out of a body of water, or while making use of the Time Machine.

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Source: Sims 3 Wikia, Life Fruit page


The better alternative is to prepare Ambrosia, which resets the Sims age to a precharacterized value (adults eating it will reset to have actually 26 days until aging). It have the right to likewise lug Gorganize Sims ago to life.

Ambrosia calls for purchasing the recipe (§12000), a level 10 Cooking Skill and then one Life Fruit and one Deathfish as ingredients.

A deathfish can only be caught through level 10 Fishing skill, from the Graveyard in between midnight and also 5AM and requirements angelfish bait. Note that if you capture enough deathfish you can stock a pond and have actually a supply of these available all day round.

Young Aobtain potion

This potion calls for the Generations pack and is developed utilizing a chemistry collection, it resets a Sim who is older than a young adult ago to day 1 of the young adult.

You will certainly require a high Logic ability for this.

Prevent / sluggish dvery own even more aging

Period Freeze Potion

Anvarious other potion, so also calls for the Generations fill. This is a life time reward that calls for 65000 life time happiness to attain. Drinking it will certainly entirely speak your Sim from aging even more. Note that if you eat birthday cake after drinking the potion, your aging will begin up aobtain.

Change form

If you have actually the pertinent growth pack, you could additionally gain the Sim converted to a Vampire or Mummy, as they have actually longer life spans.

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If you permit the "god mode" cheat (testingcheatsenabled true) in the cheat consingle, which is set off by pressing regulate, shift and c in unison, you can decrease the sim"s age, however only in the given phase of life. By transition clicking the sim, and also modifying them (you don"t even have to adjust anything) in produce a sim, the game will certainly set their life back to the initially day of whatever phase they are in.