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Does a 1946 man Deere A have actually a negitive or optimistic ground off the battery??Looking in ~ the internet page TractorGata for the year under electric it claims ground: confident So walk that typical the pos. Cable off the battery walk to ground and also the neg. Walk to the starter ?I have"nt had this tractor however a pair of months and was an altering out the battery the would"nt organize a charge and also I hooked it up neg. To ground and also pos. To the starter. And also it starts up fine as it did before. And if i did have it hooked up wrong would it also start?

it will certainly start yet now it will not charge, you will need to polarize the generator. When ever I have to do it I need to look up the appropriate way, that is not hard to do however off hand i don"t desire to steer you wrong so soundguy or one more member will acquire you on the right track.......................................mike1111
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A couple of variables whether it"s optimistic or negative ground. If it has the initial generator on it then it must be optimistic ground.If it has been converted to an alternator then it will most most likely be negative ground.The starter doesn"t treatment which way it"s hooked.
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Does a 1946 man Deere A have actually a an adverse or hopeful ground turn off the battery??
Yes, your 1946 john Deere A has a optimistic ground.Take a look at the chart below.
So walk that typical the pos. Cable off the battery walk to ground and also the neg. Walk to the starter?
Yes, note the soil cable (Key 12) is linked to the optimistic (+) terminal on the battery and also the negative cable (Key 1) goes come the starting motor.if ns did have actually it hooked up wrong would certainly it also start?Yes, yet as mike1111 mentioned, the generator will have to be polarized.One technique of polarizing the generator is to affix a jumper wire through an alligator clip come the BAT terminal on the voltage regulator.Briefly touch the other finish of the wire to the GEN terminal a pair of times.Be absolutely sure that you execute not touch the FLD terminal while polarizing the generator come battery connections.Generators usually have 2 terminals. F or ar is the ground or "regulated ground" terminal, and also A or armature is the hot or "regulated charging" terminal.Take a look in ~ the diagram below.
Hope this helps.

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