The NJWA has created this page to assist all those Wifflers out tright here that are looking to master the art of pitching a Wiffle®Ball. The NJWA gets lots of e-mails from pitchers everywhere the nation. They all desire to know just how to throw specific pitches. Now for the first time ever before, you'll watch exactly how the Pros host the pitches that have led them to National Championships year after year. Pitching takes many exercise in Wiffle®Ball, so as soon as you grasp the grips, keep at it!

When you buy a Wiffle®Ball in a bag or box tright here are 2 diagrams explaining the grip on exactly how to throw particular pitches. For a best handed pitcher the grips are WRONG. The grips on the bag or box are for left handed pitchers because Dave Mullany kind of Sr. (owner of Wiffle®Ball Inc.) is a left handed pitcher. On this web page the NJWA will certainly screen 6 pitches and also grips for a right handed pitcher. It is advised to always acquire loose and stretch before throwing a Wiffle®Ball, simply favor a baseball. Icing your arm after a long day of pitching is likewise recommended.

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The Wiffle®Ball itself is the single most essential point for a pitcher to learn about. Making it plain and straightforward. Get to understand your round. A excellent ball is difficult to find. Due to the fact that all balls move different, it is crucial to uncover a sphere you like as a pitcher. New balls will NOT work-related if you follow the directions listed below. Pitchers are encouraged to scrape up a ball, sand also it or file it. By taking the slickness off the ball it allows pitchers to have even more movement on their pitches. Balls (per the rules) can’t have a crack more than 1/4 inches. A scuffed ball is incredibly vital, some pitchers use the same ball all season. As a pitcher, always have actually more than one sphere ready for usage during the game. It is additionally recommfinished for pitchers to store their very own round in between innings. Remember, it’s your ball, you broke it in, why have to you risk the possibility of cracking the sphere while your team is batting because you let the opposing pitcher use your round. It is perfectly legal to host onto your own ball as long as it is ruled legal. Other pitchers (throughout a season) have the very same chance to break in a sphere (like you did) or discover a good round.

The grip for a pitcher is very vital. A “loose grip” is holding the round without placing any type of press on the sphere via your fingers. A “tight grip” is putting some push on the round via your fingers. There are a number of levels of loose and also tight grips, find what grip works ideal for you. The term “holes in” means that the holes of the ball are dealing with the initially base line for a right handed pitcher. The term “holes out” suggests that the holes of the sphere are encountering the third base line for a ideal handed pitcher. It’s just the oppowebsite for a left handed pitcher. The terms “holes up” and “holes down” are pretty much self explanatory, these 2 terms are the same for both the ideal handed pitchers and also left handed pitchers. The “seem” of the ball is the line wright here the holes of the round accomplish solid plastic, it’s wright here the round is glued together. A lot of pitches in Wiffle®Ball are gripped by utilizing the seem, like a baseball.

Hosting and playing in tournaments for the past ten years the NJWA’s staff has actually viewed it all. Tright here are about salso or eight various pitches out tbelow in the Wiffle®Ball people, but these 6 pitches are the standard pitches of a Pro player. The release allude for eexceptionally pitcher is various, for this reason producing various results. It takes many practice for accuracy, so please be patient and also save practicing.

Some pitches are obviously harder to throw then others. If this were untrue, all pitchers would be throwing the exact same pitches eexceptionally game. The NJWA staff has actually rated the six fundamental pitches on a scale of 1-5. One being the most basic and also Five being the hardest.

Very Easy to throw and also master

Easy to throw and master

Hard to throw and also master

Very Hard to throw and master

Almost Impossible to throw and also master


The right fastball is the easiest pitch to throw in the game of Wiffle®Ball. Holes need to face home plate and the tips of the index and also middle fingers should be inserted over the optimal holes via the thumb on the bottom seem of the sphere. The ring finger and pinky finger are together alengthy the seem of the ball. Throwing the sphere via a straight over hand also movement will create the ball to go right towards the tarobtain, also on a windy day. This grip is the same for a appropriate handed pitcher and left handed pitcher. Do not grip the sphere as well tight, a nice loose grip is even more effective.


The curve round is the breview and also butter pitch for a lot of pitchers. Holes out for best handed pitchers. The middle finger have to be inserted to the left of the holes wright here the seem of the ball is. The index finger is spcheck out two inches from the middle finger, choose making the tranquility authorize. The thumb is location on the bottom of the ball alengthy the seem and also need to be put in the middle of the two fingers. The ring finger and also the pinky finger are together and also versus the center of the ball, where the tradenote and also patent number are. Aacquire a loose grip is extremely efficient. An over hand activity has actually the best curve and also have the right to be thrown precise through some exercise. This pitch breaks from ideal to left on ideal handed batters (it actually starts behind them). When thrvery own correctly, suppose a 3 to four foot break. Left handed pitchers grip the round the oppowebsite of above.


The riser is harder to throw then the curve round. The primary factor being, this pitch hregarding be thrvery own side arm. The grip is holes dvery own. The index and middle fingers are tightly together over the holes along the seem. The thumb is opposite of the index and middle fingers alengthy the seem also. The ring finger and pinky finger are together and also emotional the facility of the ball wbelow the trademark and also patent number is. This pitch hregarding be thrown side arm. When thrown effectively, via a whip movement, mean the sphere to rise from two to 3 feet. If you are throwing the round also high, you have to reduced your body while in the wind up to lower the area of the ball while entering the strike zone. This pitch is incredibly challenging to hit once thrvery own tough. The spin on the round reasons many hitters to foul the round straight back. The grip is the very same for both left handed and appropriate handed pitchers. The substantial difference via the grip of this pitch is, organize the ball tight, a tight grip is exceptionally reliable.


The screwball is prefer the curve sphere except the grip is the precise oppowebsite. Holes in for the appropriate handed pitchers. Place the index finger on the seem of the ball. The middle finger is spcheck out 2 inches from the index finger, prefer making the tranquility sign. The thumb is on the seem of the ball and the ring finger and also the pinky finger are together and also emotional the solid part of the round. This pitch is thrown over hand and on ideal handed batters it breaks inside from left to ideal about three feet as soon as thrown appropriately. A loose grip is recommended and also is the most reliable. This pitch is extremely hard to understand and have regulate of. You need to practice this pitch rather frequently. Left handed pitchers grip the sphere oppowebsite of the over.


The knuckle ball. This pitch is not checked out also frequently bereason it is incredibly tough to throw accurately. The holes of the round need to be facing home plate and the fingernails of the index finger and middle finger should be dug into the ball on the seem. The thumb should be on the bottom seem of the round and also the ring finger and also pinky finger need to be together. This pitch is thrvery own over hand also and also will relocate earlier and also forth favor a knuckle ball moves in basesphere. The grip is hosted the exact same method for left handed and right handed pitchers. A very tight grip is recommended to be reliable. You have to practice this pitch frequently, it is very hard to master.

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The sinker is the the majority of challenging pitch to throw and is feared by eincredibly hitter. Holes up through this pitch and also place the index finger on the seem of the round. The middle finger is spread 2 inches from the index finger, favor making the tranquility sign. The thumb is on the seem of the ball and the ring finger and the pinky finger are together and emotional the solid part of the ball. This pitch is thrvery own SIDE ARM or Three-Quarters. This pitch sinks hard on both best and also left handed batters. The grip is the very same for right handed and left handed pitchers. This pitch is thrvery own just like the screwsphere, however it is thrvery own side arm to three-quarters. This renders the sinker nearly difficult to grasp, few Pro pitchers have actually this pitch in their arsenal. This pitch is incredibly tough on a pitcher’s arm and also is NOT recommended for younger pitchers to throw. A loose grip is recommended and also is the the majority of effective.