It helps to interpret engine strength into various gears and makes it possible to change your cart, providing it the acquire up and go it needs to run.

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However, there room times when this belt may be loose or damaged and also you might want to tighten it.

Can you do this process on her own?

Or is that even feasible to carry out this kind of repair in any situation?

The details in this article is vital to understand since many world may shot to do repairs the they shouldn’t based on information that they lack.

We know the desire to “work out” any type of issue with your cart – DIY repairs space fun!

But castle are just fun if you execute them right and don’t make mistakes that you’ll regret.

How To change the journey Belt On an EZGO Golf Cart


Here’s miscellaneous that many cart owners may not realize when they shot to solve up their EZGO dare – you cannot adjust or tighten one EZGO journey belt once it has actually been installed.

Many civilization have tried and failed due to the fact that the style of the belt makes this action impossible.

Why is this together an issue?

Well, the journey belt is design to little bit on the cart’s motor in a very specific way.

And it needs to have a particular length to create the tightness that is important for operation the engine properly.

As a result, developers don’t even enable the belt to be tightened or readjusted in the an initial place – this reality is true because that just about ever cart on the industry today.

And EZGO is no various – there room no screws, knobs, or any kind of other type of mediate item that you have the right to use to tighten up your belt.

Once the belt is one, it has the same tightness and can only be changed if you swap the belt for another one one of two people the ideal length and width because that your particular cart engine.

Do you have a girlfriend who states that they have the right to tighten a journey belt on an EZGO cart or who claims that they have done so in the past?

We don’t desire to say that your girlfriend is lying come you – however they may simply be mistaken.

Don’t allow them try to tighten up your belt in this instance – no matter what.

Even if her friend has currently done repairs on your cart in the previous or insurance claims that they have actually tightened a belt, perform NOT permit anybody – not even mechanics – effort this process on her cart.

That said, you can always replace her belt if the is too loose or if the doesn’t fit effectively on your engine and also you aren’t sure what to expect.

Many human being can do this type of repair, despite it is finest to acquire a mechanic to do it for you come ensure that you don’t make any kind of mistake.

But what around those civilization who case that they can tighten a drive belt – space they lying or room they simply doing miscellaneous that may not it is in strictly appropriate for a cart however which can tighten the belt a little?

Why Do human being Claim They have the right to Tighten a Golf cart Drive Belt?

There are many reasons why somebody you understand may claim that they can tighten a journey belt.

First that all, part amateur or fly-by-night mechanics may simply be trying to do money doing something that can’t be excellent – in other words, they’ll take your cash and also give you earlier a cart with the same drive belt.

Though we can’t to speak for certain how usual this form of action is with cart mechanics – hope not much – we space sad to report that such behavior may happen from time to time.

In various other scenarios, a cart mechanic may simply be mistaken about whether or not they can tighten a drive belt.

It might be tough to think but lock may have actually never make the efforts this step before and may think it is possible.

But when they gain your cart and shot to tighten the belt, they’ll likely number out easily that they cannot.

Remember – carts have different designs and also mechanics may not be intimately familiar with every model on the sector and, therefore, be uncertain about these repairs.

Another case may additionally occur that is rather frustrating – someone attempting come tighten a belt making use of questionable methods.

What perform we mean by this statement?

Somebody may shot to cut a belt, remove a portion, and glue it back together as if nothing happened.

Or lock may try to pull it tauter top top its gears or also wrap it approximately the gears an ext tightly.

Such actions are ill-advised – a glued belt will certainly snap really quickly and also a an ext tightly wrapped belt may cause a malfunction on your cart the stops it from running.

So if you run right into somebody who insurance claims that they have the right to tighten your belt or do any type of other repairs to a journey belt, you require to recognize that they are mistaken.

What can You Do once a Golf dare Drive Belt is Loose?

When effectively installed, a journey belt should never be as well loose.

It should have actually an even amount the tautness that stays consistent as your cart drives.

And it must stay this way for year without any kind of trouble.

However, a belt might work itself loosened after several years or may also stretch as result of excess wear and also tear.

When this happens, your belt is going come be loosened on your cart and you require to acquire repairs to solve this problem as soon as possible to avoid any complications.

Conversely, friend may additionally end up v a belt that is also tight if that shrinks over the years and also ends up putting much more pressure on your engine.

This concern is simply as problematic together a loosened belt and can cause many species of damages to her cart.

Like with a loosened belt, you have to take instant steps to ensure that your cart doesn’t obtain damaged when running.

And choose with a loosened belt, there is usually just one repair that you can do to gain your cart earlier in properly operating bespeak – a belt replacement.

Belt replacement needs a mechanic to remove your present drive belt and throw it far or recycle it – it cannot be reused again in its existing state.

Then, the mechanic find a belt that is measure up out appropriately for your engine.

Usually, they have to talk straight to the manufacturer that the cart to find these belts – using the design number or serial number can carry out them v the information and also details that they require to discover a belt that works appropriately for a person’s EZGO golf cart.

In many cases, this form of belt installation must take no more than a couple of hours for a great mechanic to carry out – sometimes, they can do it in even less time.

When they’re done, you might drive your cart and notification that it doesn’t want to change gears an extremely well or the it is “squealing.”

This situation is an extremely common but really frustrating for dare owners.

Many think that their cart repair skilled cheated them and did bad repairs the leave castle with little recourse or ability to run their cart any more.

Thankfully, this is no the case.

A brand-new drive belt demands some time come “break in” and also may be a little stiff unless you’ve propelled it because that awhile.

And you might hear a squeal for awhile, too, yet that practically always goes away instantly or after ~ a couple of trips.

If the squeal stubborn or gets worse as soon as you ride your cart lot of times, it might be best for you to take your cart come a mechanic that can provide you with the upgrade that you must keep your cart in ideal running order for years come come.

Can Cart owners Install a drive Belt?

Many dare owners might want to swap the end a drive belt us to conserve a little money.

If they want to perform this step, they should know exactly how to diagnose what trouble is occurring.

A belt the is too loose will reason a dare to shed maximum speed and also acceleration.

This cart is likely to continually underperform and also will only obtain worse as the dare ages.

Eventually, her cart may even develop a wobble when you shift, as result of the differences in between the ideal belt tautness and the current looseness.

Conversely, a bet that is also tight will certainly wear the end faster and also put much more pressure on your clutch.

This truth doesn’t median that your cart will drive faster – it will be minimal by that is engine size and also its governor.

However, the extra wear and also tear on the clutch may reason it to fail much much more sooner than you may want.

Typically, you’ll an alert excessive belt squeals or difficulty shifting – a “jitteriness” to each gear change – when your journey belt is also tight ~ above its gears.

Thankfully, replacement is possible.

This procedure requires girlfriend to have a instead of belt – speak to your neighborhood EZGO dealer about this belt, bringing your cart’s details in to make this procedure easier – various tools – favor socket wrenches with various socket choices – a pair that gloves, part goggles, a flashlight, and also another pair of hands to help.

Belt replacement is walk to be a somewhat complicated scenario because you’re walking to need to make sure that friend don’t relocate the ar of any parts on your cart’s motor.

Start through loosening the bracket stop the belt gear in place and then pull the drive belt off of the cart.

Throw it away or recycle it and then place the new belt in place.

You’ll need your socket wrench to perform these steps properly and also a flashlight to provide you extra visual on the inside of her cart’s engine.

Have your helper hold the different belt gears right into place together you work and tighten their nuts back up.

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Make sure that they room snug yet not chop – a fast test drive must confirm concern if her cart shifts poorly or feels “jittery” when driving.