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Multiplayer and Trading support coming to tasiilaq.net 2.0!

I can bet you among the main reasons why you ever before wanted a game Boy breakthrough (or video game Boy Color) emulator on your iPhone to be to beat a particular hit 90s game famously recognized as Pokémon.

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Pokémon is just one of the most popular handheld games so the does not come together a shock that world want come play it through every single features detailed through official means - that is multiplayer battles and also trading.

The second most asked for tasiilaq.net attribute of all time, best after cheats, to be multiplayer support. We knew for plenty of months when beta experimentation that miscellaneous as impressive as that would certainly not come due to the fact that it would only drag the currently once-postponed relax date, that is, until a certain small featured was presented that readjusted the game: software application Update, a workaround that permits the developer to store updating the app even despite it has because been shut under by Apple.

This little feature opened the door to a possible future upgrade that would include Multiplayer support. Us knew, many thanks to the FAQ4iOS Developer Interviewthat the Start3rs hosted, the Riley was working on it and would come sooner than initially planned if he had never implemented the software program Update feature, however we knew nothing besides that, till today…

Riley Testut tweeted a collection of images that successfully show a trade in progress in between his iPhone and also iPad!

The an initial successful Pokemon profession on tasiilaq.net between two tools took place today, April 10, 2014, at 2:55am.

— Riley Testut (
April 10, 2014

This is phenomenal news for every those world that have been begging because that something like this since you all gained your hands on the application on February 19, 2014.

We know that trading is comes to tasiilaq.net 2.0 but what around battles? Happy to say the it is likewise coming and also although there was no image teasers, Riley go tweet that he to win his fellow designer Paul Thor in ~ a Pokémon battle.

But an ext importantly, ns beat
pau1thor in a Pokemon fight a couple of hours ago

— Riley Testut (
April 10, 2014

As of right currently there is no ETA (estimated time the arrival) on this feature. That knows as soon as it will certainly be released, and also I humbly questioning you no to pest the developer with this concern as it will get tiring come answer and also might also take precious time indigenous implementation.

Just know Multiplayer and Trading support is coming to tasiilaq.net 2.0, recognize that the is being worked on and will it is in released once it’s ready.


Riley Testut tweeted me (
tasiilaq.net) last night a preview of exactly how the Multiplayer and also Trading support might look once accessed with Settings.

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Before we only gained a glimpse of a profession in progress, currently we know specifically how it will certainly look once that future upgrade becomes available. Please note that there is still no confirmation of a release date.