I have actually no principle. I have actually tried whatever brief of making use of anacetylene torch. I deserve to see a tiny tab on the windshield wiperwright here it connects to the arm, however, I cannot get it to release.At least I think it"s a tab. I am going to contact the dealership andI"ll let you know what I discover out.

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How to replace the wiper knives (on a 2001 Camry):

Pull the wiper arm ameans from the residence position and also lock into theorganization position. (With the ignition on, run the wipers right into theupright position and also revolve the ignition off. Lift the wiper blade up(vertical) off the windshield.)

Turn the blade at an angle from the wiper arm (revolve the wiperblade counterclockwise (up)). You"ll see (under the joint) a flatitem of steel -- actually the end of a level spring. Push this lockspring through a screwdriver or a pencil eraser towards the joint torelease the blade, then pull the wiper blade down (towards thewindshield) to rerelocate it from the arm.

Attach (in reverse) the new wiper to the wiper arm and also press itright into place until you hear a click.

Note: In a lot of new cars the driver side wiper blade is longerthan the passenger so make sure you buy the correct knives. Mydriver side wiper is 21", my passenger is 19".

This functioned for my 1990 Toyota Camry.

Tip 1, attain new wiper knives. Waste no time and swallow yourpride. Get in the auto parts keep to the information desk and letone of the ten year olds who work tright here look it up for you on acomputer system and aid you discover it.

Tip 2, relocation wipers. It took 2 seconds to relocation thewipers and 2 hours to number out exactly how to relocation them. Ignore thephotographic directions on the Bosch package, which are a)unintelligible and also b) a set of parallel instructions for removingand also attaching eextremely conceivable kind of wiper blade, not a singleset of instructions to be adhered to. You will not be usingeverything in the package (adapter, screws), just the brand-new wiperblade and the shiny metal pin. If for some reason you do not have ashiny metal pin (among my packperiods didn"t have one), do not worry,you have the right to usage the pins presently on your auto.

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The wiper arm has actually a piece on the end held on by two screws (weshall contact this by the technical term, "the item on the end"). Asteel pin goes with this into the wiper blade and holds theblade on. Lift the wiper arm right up (gently) right into what theycall "the organization position" so you have the right to check out it appropriately. Tright here is abit tab on the piece on the finish. If you press this you have the right to popthe pin out and also the blade best off (and then the pin comes outaltogether). Carefully lay the rerelocated blade dvery own on the hood sothat you have the right to remember the appropriate orientation. Take the new Boschblade, orient it the same means, inspect to make sure it is the rightsize (driver"s side is much longer than passenger"s side), stick thepin through the piece on the end and the brand-new blade simply the means itwas on the old one. Push till you hear it click. Lay the wiperblade back down. That"s it. Really.