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If the fob battery dies, exactly how else have the right to I open up my Malibu trunk? ns don"t view a vital and there"s no remote opener in the car.
Annoying huh? i wonder if the rfid chip in the keyfob would certainly be enough to enable manual opened Sent from mine iPhone making use of Tapatalk

There"s a manual way of act it, either a button inside the cabin or one on the trunk. But the fob problem may stop it from permitting you to open up it.Do the seats fold down? If so, find a 5-year-old and ask them to crawl inside and also pull the emergency relax handle.
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A malibu 9 gen doesn’t have a stems release button inside the cabin. And the only means to fold down the seat is to open up the trunk. The only means to open the trunk space through the fob or the switch on the back of the trunk over the patent plate. The only trouble is, you require the fob to be able to press the button and also open it. Kinda annoying. The just solution is to more than likely go obtain some much more batteries for the fob or acquire a spare key. Or also tie a string native the trunk and also into the cabin that pulls the seat down, which offers you accessibility to the trunk release emergency latch. I forget i m sorry malibu owner walk that an initial and verified us here on the forum. Props to him/her for that an altering tip lolSent from my iPhone making use of Tapatalk

Homemade but effective rig: ns have uncovered no secret, i did the exact same to mine. I asked mine dealer and they said they hadn"t viewed one fail. Ns bet the story continues to be the exact same until girlfriend pay for a brand-new lid and also latch for $500 bucks - first one ever before **wink**.
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I got the very same story from mine dealer, "I"ve never seen one fail". The whole idea that no an essential for the trunk seems to it is in pretty usual these days, I have actually a friend with a 2012 Audi and his is precisely the same.

The same engineers that decided the fuel door lock actuator top top the C7 Corvette would never fail (so no manual release) need to have also decided to relocate the seat releases right into the tribe on the Malibu.. I have actually seen countless reports of Corvette owners needing fuel and also the fuel door will certainly not unlock.I came up with the idea the a manual release because that the seat earlier inside the car, so at least you deserve to fold the seat down and also pull the hand-operated release inside the trunk...Fishing line simply attaches to the latch wherein the pull cable does, operation to the height of the back seat, and pull ring tucks right into the car seat anchor compartment for straightforward access.You simply grab the ring out of the compartment, slide it to the right so you have actually a directly pull top top the latch relax (like the metal cable), and also pull come release.NOTE, some Malibu owners have had the move fail on the shifter therefore the car does not know it is in PARK and also it disables the trunk release, so there are several ways, consisting of actual failure of the trunk relax actuator, for the button not come work.

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