my AOC monitor 21\" has an on-screen display, yet I\"m wondering how its lock function works.

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Can you aid me figure out exactly how to lock and unlock the OSD?



According to aoc page you have to do the following for one of the displays:

OSD Lock Function: to lock the OSD, press and hold the MENUbutton while the monitor is off and then push power switch to turn the screen on. To un-lock the OSD - press and hold the MENUbutton if the screen is off and then press power switch to rotate the monitor on.

If the doesn\"t work try searching because that your display screen on the page. Or inspect the hand-operated you gained with monitor.


OSD Lock Function:

To lock the OSD-First do the Monitor turn off by pushing power button and also then organize the Left button for 5 seconds and simultaneously fight the power button with the left button and also the osd is Locked.

OSD UnLock Function:

To Un-lock the OSD - Repeat the above same procedure and then OSD is Unlocked



My one is AOC. What ns did is, very first turn turn off the power button and then press the power and also menu switch together, if its reflects on the display the OSD lock article then it method its there is no worked however if no then it way it worked... Ns tested this myself

I was additionally caught in exact same problem, I determined that construction is various for different model that AOC, better you view your hands-on carefully.

On mine model, manual says, while screen is off, push left vital button and also press monitor-on button together to lock/unlock the osd.

To unlock the OSD lock, Press and hold the menu button for 10 seconds then the food selection will appear.To lock OSD press and hold the menu button for 10 seconds.

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If your AOC e2343F is locked then simply power off her screen and also hold power and menu buttons together. Then you\"ll gain your screen unlocked.

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