The greeting goes ago to the 19th Century and also a cantankerous water carrier called Johann Wilhelm Bentz, recognized as Hans Hummel (born 21 January 1787, passed away 15 in march 1854).

As Hummel would lug water with the streets, the children would run behind the shouting "Hummel, Hummel!" in bespeak to stroked nerves him. Hummel would shout back "Mors, Mors!", an abbreviation of either "klei di an"n mors!" (go scratch your a**e! or "Klei mi an"n Mors" (Kiss mine a**e! ) (there appears to be some conflict over the exact phrase).

The greeting was provided by soldiers indigenous Hamburg come greet every other, during the first World War.

Nowadays, the is not supplied so much as a greeting yet has come to be a "battle cry" on the football terraces in Hamburg.

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