Hurricane Lyrics by Kanye West ft. The Weeknd & Lil Baby is latest English song through music additionally provided by them. Hurricane song lyrics are written by Kanye West.


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Hurricane Track Detail

Singer: Kanye West, The Weeknd, Lil BabyComposer: Kanye West, The Weeknd, Lil BabyLyrics by: Kanye West

Hurricane Lyrics

See this in 3d, all lights out for meAll lights out for me, lightning strikes the beachEighty degrees, warm it up for meFinally complimentary, discovered the god in meAnd I want you to check out, I have the right to walk on waterThousand miles from shore, I deserve to float on the waterFather, host me close, don’t let me drownI understand you won’t

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Yeah, walking on the bridgeI threw my sins over the deep endSipping til my stomach hurtThis month I done lost three friendsEarly morning, brainstorming, commonly I can’t sleep inSometimes I just wanna restart it, but it all dependsIf I’ma be that exact same young, hungry ni**a from west endWrote my hardest wrongs and the crazy component, I ain’t have no penMaybach internal camе through sheepskinStill remember whеn I just had three bandsNow I’m the one everyone calling on cuz I got deep pantsBro told me to wait to beat the game, it’s all in defenseAnd never before fazed by names, that they could call meBut they gone respect itAnd I feel like you much better off trying to callI could not acquire the messageAnd she just tried to run off with my heartBut I blocked off the exit, yeah

Oh-oh, I recognize you won’t (I know you won’t)I know you won’t (oh, yeah)Oh, oh, oh (oh, yeah, yeah, yeah)I recognize you won’tI understand that you look over us (I know)Til we sound aslee-ee-ee-ee-eepBring down the rain, yeah, oh

Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm, I was out for selfMm-mm-mm, mm-mm, I was up for saleBut I couldn’t tellGod made it rain, the adversary made it hailDropped out of school, yet I’m that one at yaleMade the ideal tracks and still went off the railHad to go dvery own, down, dvery own, this the new town, tvery own, townThis the new ten, ten, ten, I’m going in, in, inHere I go, on a brand-new trip, below I go, acting too litHere I go, acting as well well-off, below I go, via a new chick

And I understand what the fact is, still playin’ after two kidsIt’s a lot to digest as soon as your life always movin’Architectural digest, yet I needed home improvementSixty-million-dollar home, never went home to itGenius gone cluemuch less, it’s a entirety lot to riskAlcohol anonym-est, who’s the busiest loser?Heated by the rumors, read into it too muchFiendin’ for some true love, ask kim, “what did you love?”Hard to uncover what the fact isBut the truth was that the fact suckAlways seem to execute stuff, but this time it was too muchMm-mm-mm, mm-mm, everybody so judgementalEverybody so judgementalEverybody damages, however I don’t judge rentalsMm-mm-mm, mm-mm, it was all so simple

I watch you in 3d, the dawn is bappropriate for meNo more dark for me, I recognize you’re watching meEighty degrees, burnin’ up the leavesFinally, I’m totally free, finally, I’m freeAs I go out to sea, I have the right to walk on waterWon’t you shine your light? Demons stuck on my shoulderFather, organize me close, don’t let me drownI know you won’t