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Verse 52 native "Song the Myself"byWalt Whitman


I as well am not a little tamed—I as well am untranslatable;I sound my barbaric yawp end the roofs of the world.The critical scud of job holds ago for me;It flings my likeness after ~ the rest, and true as any, ~ above the shadow’d wilds;It coaxes me to the vapor and also the dusk.I depart together air—I shake mine white locks at the runaway sun;I effuse my flesh in eddies, and drift that in lacy jags.I bequeathe myself to the dirt, to prosper from the grass ns love;If you desire me again, look because that me under your boot-soles.You will hardly know who i am, or what i mean;But ns shall be great health come you nevertheless,And filter and also fibre her blood.Failing to fetch me in ~ first, save encouraged;Missing me one place, find another;I prevent somewhere, waiting for you.Excerpted from "Song of Myself," in Leaves of Grass.This city is in the general public domain.

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Walt Whitman is primarily well-known for a arsenal of poems dubbed Leaves of Grass, which he fully revised in ~ least 5 times throughout the course of his lifeand which showed up in publish in at least three various editions. Despite his formal education and learning ended through elementary school, Whitman was an education atseveral points in his life. More often, he operated as a printer, a clerk, or a nurse; he was chronically poor, but managed to interject culture (he love opera)and travel into his life. He achieved international acclaim throughout the course of his career, but probably had actually as many detractors as he walk fans.