When Romeo says "Then i defy you, stars!" after Balthasar speak him the Juliet has passed away (or shows up to have died) in act 5, scene 1 that Shakespeare"s Romeo and also Juliet. Romeo seems to be cursing fate and likewise deciding to take it fate right into his own hands.

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as soon as Romeo woke up that morning in action 5 scene 1 the Shakespeare"s Romeo and Juliet, the was emotion pretty good. The night before, he had a dream about Juliet.

ROMEO. Ns dreamt my lady came and also found me dead (Strange dream that gives a dead man leave...

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When Romeo woke up the morning in action 5 scene 1 that Shakespeare"s Romeo and Juliet, the was emotion pretty good. The night before, he had a dream around Juliet.

ROMEO. Ns dreamt mine lady came and also found me dead(Strange dream that gives a dead male leave come think!)And breath"d together life through kisses in mine lipsThat ns reviv"d and was an emperor. (5.1.6-9)

Romeo remarks the being in love is wonderful, and even his desires are happy.

ROMEO. Ah me! exactly how sweet is love chin possess"d,When yet love"s shadows space so wealthy in joy! (5.1.10-11)

Romeo"s offer man, Balthasar, arrives, and Romeo peppers that with concerns for news indigenous Verona.

ROMEO. News indigenous Verona! exactly how now, Balthasar?Dost thou not lug me letter from the friar?How doth my lady? Is my father well?How fares my Juliet? That ns ask again,For nothing can be okay if she it is in well. (5.1.12-16).

Balthasar do the efforts to delay telling Romeo that Juliet is dead (or shows up to be dead), and that she"s been laid to remainder in the Capulets" tomb.

BALTHASAR. Climate she is well, and nothing have the right to be ill. (5.1.17)

Shakespeare walk a similar play on native in Macbeth once Ross pertains to tell Macduff the his wife and also children had been killed on Macbeth"s order.

MACDUFF. Exactly how does my wife?ROSS. Why, well.MACDUFF. And also all my children?ROSS. Fine too.MACDUFF. The tyrant has not batter"d at their peace?ROSS. No; lock were fine at peace as soon as I did leaving "em. (Macbeth, 4.3.199-204)

This is a way for Shakespeare to create suspense regarding what reaction either Romeo or Macduff will have actually when lock hear the truth.

Macduff is stunned and also disbelieving. He repetitively asks Ross to confirm that his wife and also children room dead.

In contrast, Romeo is instantly enraged, and he goes directly into action. He curses his fate, calls because that ink and document (although no further cite of creating a letter appears in the play), and also he assignment Balthasar to hire equines so he have the right to return come Verona as soon as possible.

ROMEO. Is it e"en so? Then ns defy you, stars!Thou knowest my lodging. Acquire me ink and also paperAnd hire posthorses. Ns will thus to-night. (5.1.24-26)

"Then ns defy you, Stars!" can be taken as Romeo cursing his fate, or as Romeo intended to take it fate into his own hands to deal with the issue of Juliet"s death.

It"s difficult to recognize if, at that moment, Romeo has currently decided to kill himself, although over there are simply a couple of more currently of conversation through Balthasar before Romeo renders his intentions clear.

ROMEO. Well, Juliet, I will certainly lie through thee to-night.Let"s view for means. O mischief, thou arts swiftTo enter in the thoughts of desperate men!I perform remember one apothecary... (5.1.36-39)

It"s exciting that Romeo never ever asks Balthasar exactly how Juliet died, or asks that anything about the circumstances of her death.

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At an initial it seems as though Romeo wants to hurry earlier to Verona to uncover out what happened to Juliet, or probably to avenge her death. The appears, however, that Romeo doesn"t really care how Juliet died, just that she"s dead. Instantly upon hearing the news, he"s chose to die by her side.