Wondering if you should let your hamster roam totally free ? releasing a hamster right into the wild can sound choose a an excellent idea, yet is it yes, really ?

Let’s see everything we must take into account once we’re thinking around such a large decision. I’ll be ethical with you, I occasionally wondered if I need to release my own Teddy (male Syrian hammy). For this reason these are the things I’ve thought about before deciding what to perform with him.

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So should I relax my hamster in the wild ?

Short answer – NO. Do not release your pets hamster right into the wild.

Long answer – it relies on a series of determinants like the area girlfriend live in, predators, how quickly the hammy can discover its food, if that will endure the winter or a storm, and also so on.

For the vast majority of human being who own a hamster, the exterior conditions, also in the countryside, could not sustain a hamster. Part select couple of could relax their hamster and he can live a happy life.

But let’s view what those determinants are, and also how castle could affect your hamster’s lifespan and quality the life.

Hamsters haven’t to be pets for really long

Let’s begin with the beginning. Wherein hamsters come from, and where they have to go, if you ever before want come let castle go.

There’s 5 varieties of hamsters: Syrian or golden hamster, Roborovski Dwarf, Campbell’s Dwarf, Djungarian Dwarf, and also the Chinese Dwarf. This hammies come native a really specific component of our planet.

The Syrian native Syria, southern turkey and the arid land between them.

The Dwarf varieties come from the area between Siberia, southerly Russia, Mongolia, northern China.

Hamsters have end up being pets only in the critical century or so, and that way one thing: they’re still very much like their ancestors.

So, in theory, if you to be to release your pet hamster in the wild, he would certainly still know what to do. His instincts room intact, even if he comes from a breeder who focused on docile hamsters.

However the difficulty is that a hamster that’s already an adult (3 months and older) is currently used to human being interaction, and will be a bit perplexed for the first couple of days if you were to relax him into the countryside. If he’s specifically docile hamster, he will have actually a bit an ext trouble adapting.

You can’t really release a baby hamster into the wild since he will immediately become dog food, There’s also the reality that a infant hasn’t learned whatever from his mom yet.

So there’s that, however there space still countless things that would certainly be not safe or alright because that a pet hamster in the wild.

A hamster’s normal food more than likely isn’t available in your area

Another issue is the the hamster will most likely not have his usual food in the wild, in your part of the world. The point is, hamsters can and also do eat numerous things.

Grains, fruit, veggies, some species of meat, etc. But they rely mostly on grains, and also if you’re living in a an extremely urban area, you’ll have to drive to the landscape to release him.

There that might have the ability to find part grains and a couple of veggies come forage. The problem with that is that uneven you’re indigenous the origin area of your hamster kind (figure the end which kind you’ve acquired here), his common food won’t be available.

If you to be to release him beside a corn field, he would certainly indeed discover the corn, and additionally a couple of other unsafe foods. Hamsters are very curious, and also will try anything brand-new that lock find. This contains safe and unsafe weeds and plants.

If the hamster to be to somehow uncover the appropriate kind the food, that would be able to survive in the wild. No a guarantee, but it can be possible, strictly form a dietary point of view.

You more than likely don’t live in the hamster’s herbal habitat

This is the biggest problem I have with publication hamsters into the wild. Together I claimed above, hamsters come from a very specific area of our planet.

Those areas happen come be really sparsely populated. Most people who own a hamster do no live in the rural parts of north China, or Mongolia.

Actually many civilization don’t live at all in those areas, since they’re largely barren. Part vegetation grows, which is whereby the hamster will find his food.

But aside from that, it’s an extremely hard living. The terrain is harsh, cold, and stretches top top forever. This is among the factors hamsters room born to operation (aside from predators), for this reason they cover an ext ground in search of food.

If, however, you do live in one area close come the hamster origin, you might release him into the wild. Again, the area depends on which form of hamster you’ve got. There are indeed differences in between the Syrian and also Dwarf hammies, and they might not live in swapped homes.

We need to also take right into account the distinction in weather. It can sound silly, however it’s miscellaneous that deserve to make her hamster’s life in the wild unnecessarily hard.

For instance if you’ve obtained a Syrian hammy, and also you live in the mountainside in France, releasing him there would be a death sentence. The cold would be too much for him, and the rains would certainly kill him together well. Hamsters perform not take well to being wet, and they have a tough time recovering native that.

If you were to have a Djungarian Dwarf, he’d be an ext suited come the cold. The problem is that the terrain is very different from what his ancestors had.

A cold, permanently snowy hill is really different native the dry, level tundra that Siberia or Mongolia. Again, the food resource he’d uncover would no be comparable to what his ancestors found.

Keep in mental predators and also other dangers

Predators room a given. Even if it is you release the hamster in his regular habitat, or another different habitat, he will certainly still it is in hunted. That’s simply the nature the hamster life.

A wild hamster has actually a much much shorter life expectations than a pets hamster. A wild hamster has to run because that his life nearly all the time, and is walking to require all the energy he deserve to muster indigenous those tiny feet.

In the wild there are snakes, foxes, owls, cats, wild dogs, and also so on. They every hunt the tiny hamster, and he will certainly not be safe anywhere. Wherever you relax him, he has a really high opportunity or no making it till for long.

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It’s your decision in the end

After everything you’ve read, perform keep in mental that maintaining or releasing your hamster is her decision.

When i thought around releasing Teddy, it was when we were making extremely slow progression with the taming process. We did have a breakthrough in the end and we get along well now. Yet I request myself the very same things I’ve mutual with friend above.

Would he make it through in the wild right here ? would he find food ? might he discover a mate ? would certainly I be sending out him to specific death ?

Those are questions I had actually to ponder, and also in the finish I determined to save Teddy. That’s exactly how I made decision to make this site, too. To help others understand and care because that their small hamster friends, with what I’ve learned indigenous Teddy and also other hamster owners.

What gained to me the most was the image of Teddy’s hideout, under a tree, with rain putting down ~ above every side. The negative thing shivering within his little hut, with barely a couple of grains the found, and nothing else.

Rainy seasons are reasonably long, and also I knew that also if he might survive the rains, he wouldn’t make it through the cold.

So in the finish it every comes down to what you decide. You must weight the pros and also cons, return the cons it seems ~ to far outweigh the pros.

What I’d suggest, if you execute not want to save your hamster anymore, is come donate him. Over there are certain sites, or also social media groups specialized for donations. That’s just how we gained our pair of guinea pigs, actually.

Or, you can take them come a shelter or pets shop, to it is in taken in by one more owner.

A word from Teddy

I hope you found what friend were trying to find in this article. I recognize us hammies could seem choose we’d obtain along well in the wild, but the fact is if we’re a pet, to be probably really far far from ours homes.

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