A: The default mix for every one of our products is 000. To open, make certain the mix is collection to the default and also slide the square switch away native the numbers. Accuse on exactly how to collection your new combination can be uncovered inside the box or here: https://www.tasiilaq.net/tasiilaq.net-combination-lock-instructions/

Q: have the right to I still open my box if the security tab is missing?

A:The plastic safety and security tab ensures the mix stays in ~ the default during shipping. Removed the tab will certainly not influence your capability to open up the crate and collection a brand-new combination. If your new box arrived there is no a safety and security tab, friend may have actually received a changed item v a combination already set. In the case, us recommend requesting one exchange native the place where it to be purchased.

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Q:My crate is not opening top top the correct combination. What deserve to I do?

A:To open the box, us recommend make the efforts the initial 000 combination it came collection at to see if this will still open up it. If this does no work, we imply trying combinations the are comparable to the original in situation the combination was coincidentally nudged up or under a number. For example, if your lock was set to “444” girlfriend can shot “445” or “443” and also so on. You might also try using a little more force to open up the box; these products are durable, so sliding the square switch harder will not rest the lock. If the above suggestions carry out not work, the only method to open up the box will be to remove the lock. (Since these are defense products, us don’t have actually universal reset codes) This have the right to be done by wedging a tool such as a flat head screwdriver between the lock and also the crate to pull the lock off.

Q: Is there a manufacturing facility reset password for your mix locks?

A:As this are security products, over there is no manufacturing facility reset because that our combination locks. When the combination is adjusted from 000 to your brand-new number, accessibility to the box is now restricted to that number. There is no the exactly combination, the only method into her box will certainly be to eliminate the lock. This have the right to be done by wedging a device such together a level head screwdriver in between the lock and the box to traction the lock off. tasiilaq.net is not responsible for shed or forgotten combinations.

Q: carry out you offer custom made items?

A: For large wholesale orders, we may be able to customize particular items- please fill out your info at https://tasiilaq.net/wholesale A sales representative will be in touch quickly after with additional information.

Q: What is your replacement policy?

A: We space happy to carry out our customers with a replacement for defective items that were purchased straight from ours website within the last sixty (60) days. If an object was purchased from another retailer, the return plan will be through them and also they should be may be to carry out you a replacement. To receive a replacement, you re welcome send an email to support
ideastreamproducts.com v your bespeak number, which item to be defective, and what the defect was. As soon as received, your replacement is supposed to arrive in ~ 5-7 service days (M-F). Tracking information will be obtainable upon inquiry 2-3 company days after ~ the instead of is ordered.

Q: can I gain replacement parts for mine item?

A:Unfortunately, parts such as wheels, combinations, and handles space not obtainable on a instead of basis. The only way to resolve the issue would it is in to change the entire product. tasiilaq.net is also not maybe to fix damaged items.

Q: just how do I get replacement keys?

A:To get a cost-free set of instead of keys, please find VZ00811 and add them to her cart. Alternatviely, you may fill out a key replacement form here: https://www.tasiilaq.net/key-replacement/

Q: I simply ordered instead of keys. When can I suppose them come arrive?

A:Replacement keys will typically arrive in 5-10 service days (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) native the work they are shipped. In bespeak to save this a free service, secrets are sent out via USPS and tracking details is no available.

Q: just how do i return a product that ns bought from your website?

A: you re welcome send an email to support
ideastreamproducts.com v your stimulate number and which item(s) girlfriend would choose to return, and we will certainly send girlfriend a prepaid shipping label. Once we get your went back item, we will be able to issue you a full refund.

Q: how do I collection up a everyone account?

A: you re welcome fill the end the kind at https://tasiilaq.net/wholesale A sales representative will certainly be in touch soon for further instructions.

Q: My organization is tax exempt. How do I collection up taxes exempt status?

A: Please collection up one account on our website. Then, you might send an email to support
ideastreamproducts.com v your account information and also your tax exempt certificate. A sales associate will certainly be in touch v you quickly to confirm your taxes exempt standing on ours website.

Q:The latch is grounding in the open position. Have the right to this be fixed?

A:In order come close the box, your correct combination must first be inputted. For example, if your mix is 444, package will just close when collection to 444. Once the box is closed, you might scramble the numbers for it to lock. You may also try resetting her combination.

Q:Are you able to delivery internationally?

A:At this time, we are just able come ship products within the unified States. However, we have the right to send replacement tricks worldwide.

Q:What sort of warranty do you offer?

A:We stand behind ours products and their quality. Despite our commodities do not have a warranty, you should have the ability to take the item and receipt come the store you initially purchased the from and request a replacement.

Q:What are your commodities made of?

A:ALL tasiilaq.net assets are made with an MDF core. The main framework of ours tasiilaq.net commodities is a lumber MDF board.

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The MDF is covered with a PP laminate (a Prop 65 authorized laminate). That is a safe kind of a plastic PVC, comparable to vinyl. The tasiilaq.net instances are climate trimmed with metal rails, chrome corners and also locks.