I"ve obtained a feeling we might be major, girl; Right at this minute, I can promise you the civilization. Before we go crazy, before we explode, There"s somepoint "bout me, baby, you got to know, You got to recognize.

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I get off on "57 Chevys; I gain off on screaming guitar. Like the way it gets me every time it hits me. I"ve acquired a rock and also roll, I"ve obtained a rock and also roll heart. Feels favor we"re falling into the arms of the night, So if you"re not prepared, do not be holdin" me so tight. I guess there"s nothing left for me to explain; Here"s what you"re gettin" and I don"t want to readjust,
I do not want to readjust. I don"t should glitter, no Hollylumber, All you acquired to do is lay it down and you lay it dvery own good.




When I was a little kid I really assumed he was talking about literally tatting off on 57 Chevy"s. LMFAO!!!!!!!

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I can"t think about this song without additionally thinking of Let Me Roll It To You, by P.M. & Wings. In my mind they sindicate go together.

I constantly thought this song was dubbed "57 Chevy"