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I know a weenie man,He owns a weenie stand,He sells most anything,From warm dogs top top down!

One work I’ll join his life,I’ll it is in his weenie wife,Hot dog! ns love the weenie man!


Version 1I know a weenie man,He own a weenie stand,He sells many anything,From hot dogs on down!

One job I’ll end up being another,I’ll be his weenie brother,Hot dog! ns love that weenie man!

Version 2I recognize a weenie man,He owns a weenie stand,He sells many everything,From warm dogs come buns buns buns buns.

Someday I’ll sign up with his life,I’ll be his weenie wife,Hot dog! i love the weenie man.

Weenie weenie weenie top top a bun bun bunPass the mustard too! Woo!Roast ’em, toast ’em, stick ’em on a bun!

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